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Light Life Rings – Sacred Cubit


This listing includes Sacred Cubit Slim Spurling Light Life Tensor Rings. These Rings may help with fatigue, allergies, stress relief, and more. 


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Light-Life Tensor Rings

The Light-Life Ring, like the Acu-Vac-Coil and Feedback Loop, was developed as the result of discoveries by a team of psychics. The properties of the Ring are such that a “positive” light field is produced on both sides of the center plane of the ring. The light field is generated from the “stillness” of the center plane, thus the quantum effects. The “stillness”, refers to the tensor of the plane, which is described as a minimal surface. The quantum effects are the generation of photons from the plane, which is actually visible in a dimly lighted room. The quantum effects have been studied instrumentally – spectral output of light from treated water; in growth studies; taste tests; and verified or confirmed by psychic observation.

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Choose from Sterling Silver, Copper, or Gold-Plated Copper Light-Life Rings. 

Silver is a superior electrical conductor, handling greater voltages and current in electric circuitry. Observationally, it has been seen to effect a somewhat stronger and smoother acting field of energy than the plain copper, likely due to finer, higher frequency vibration. Functionally, several practitioners have reported more rapid improvement, shorter necessary sessions and longer lasting results, with clients having difficult problems.

The light-life copper rings are two-strand turned copper with a diameter of varying sizes whose sophisticated simple-looking construction creates inside their circle a positive field of natural life force energy. They are excellent for all sorts of energy needs, including: placing herbs and homeopathics inside to cleanse and energize, starting plants or placing over ailing plants, placing over head of sickly animals or under their beds, placing over stove top burners to energize food, placing over your head as a necklace to help balance out and relieve headaches, passing over the whole body head to feet as an “energy shower,” sitting/working/studying inside to help with focus and clear thought, placing under bed for a soothing night’s sleep.

The light-life rings are gold plated several times over copper base. An excellent choice when doing energy work; the rings balance out whatever energy is passed through them, or rests inside them.




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