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Kyanite Scalpels and Wands


Kyanite Scalpels and Wands – in its natural state, kyanite is a shard stone – pieces of it can splinter off. It is a muted, sparkly sky blue, often with quartz crystal intersecting. Kyanite scalpels are natural kyanite shards in various sizes. Kyanite wands are polished kyanite pieces (the shards have been polished then sealed)


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Kyanite is one of the few gem stones that does not hold negative energies and never needs clearing. You can clear other stones and crystals by placing them on a piece of kyanite. Kyanite aligns energy, such as human meridians and chakras and the ley lines within a room or on property. It projects a very positive life force energy into its surroundings, soothing in its ability to alleviate pollution and blockages at all levels of energy.

Kyanite scalpels and wands come in a wide variety of sizes, due to the natural base formation of the kyanite shard. All have been hand-selected by Atala and all are beautiful and useful!

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