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Isis Pendulums


The Isis Pendulum is one of the most well-known, appreciated and used of the Egyptian group of pendulums. It has a high dowsing sensitivity and sends as well as receives energy. Isis is activated mentally and radiates all frequencies of the visual spectrum. Used to check food, medications and herbs, to search on maps and plans, or as a therapeutic tool. The Super Isis has the same qualities and works the same way as the regular Isis Pendulum but with additional strength due to the increased number of rings or amplifiers.


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Particulars of sizes:

Isis Pendulum – 4 Ring (left in photo) – excellent for working on a cellular level with any situation, and with the frequency of the elemental kingdoms, 1.06″ long with four batteries (rings).

Super-Isis Pendulum – 6 Ring Medium (Middle photo) with six batteries, regular size, 1 3/8″, for everyday use.

Super Isis Pendulum – 6 Ring Large.(Right in photo) for everyday use, with 6 batteries. 2 1/4″ long.

Super Isis Pendulum – 7 Ring (Distance Healer) is very effective for long distance healing and is much more sensitive to picking up vibrations when working from a witness that may be old or worn (eg. when working from a very old picture).

Super Isis Pendulum – 8 Ring is very effective for working with Earth grids as well as facilitating communication with other invisible Earth realms (divas, fairies etc.).

The design of these pendulums is shown in ancient Egyptian temples. Its shape symbolizes “The Cross of Life” and the elements of Djed (spine of Osiris). It took its name after Isis, Goddess of Heaven and Earth, wife of Osiris.

The Isis pendulums are “mental” pendulums, which means they can be used as receivers as well as transmitters of energy. This makes them useful for standard dowsing activities, such as food and energy balancing, map dowsing and getting answers to questions. The pendulums are self-clearing.

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