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House Blessings 1


An abalone shell packaged with two charcoals, sand, and 1/2 ounce bags each of Cedar, Sage and Pinon.

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House Blessings

Excellent for smudging your home, clearing the energy and blessing it.

Pinion is gathered in the Taos mountains and produces the classic sweet forest essence of Northern New Mexico. It’s cleansing, comforting scent is said to be helpful for fertility, compassion, and purification. Used by Navajos in war dances.

Cedar branches are brushed in the air to cleanse a home during the House Blessing Ceremony of many Northwest Indian nations. In the Pacific Northwest, the people burn cedar for purification in much the same way as sage – it drives out negative energy; but it also brings in good influences. The spirit of cedar is considered very ancient and wise by Pacific Northwest tribes, and old, downed cedar trees are honored with offerings and prayers.

Sage is a traditional choice for burning and smudging for the Native Americans because of all of the herbs, it is one of the best for cleansing.

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