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Hemimorphite Specimens


Hemimorphite Specimens – often called the empathy stone. Hemimorphite helps you to communicate with compassion and empathy towards all life forms. Excellent stone for healers, enabling you to sympathetically yet with detachment identify with your clients.


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Hemimorphite Specimens

Hemimorphite encourages a person to lead a healthy, progressive lifestyle and aids with meditation and attunement to spiritual frequencies. Helps you to establish a personal energy of self-confidence and self-respect, and to assist others to achieve that as well.

Hemimorphite promotes self-development in the quickest way possible. Extremely protective, hemimorphite shows how to grow inner strength and manifest your highest potential. 

January 2018 Staff Favorite

I chose hemmimorphite for January because it is a spiritual transformation stone. In the coming year, I believe we will all need to get some good transformative energy in order to make the best out of this chaotic time ahead of us. This stone is a very strong push forward, but for me its smoother than moldavite. Hemmimorphite has a good ocean feel to it which helps me to tap into my flow in life. ~Nick


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