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Garnet Prayer Beads Mala. Self Esteem


Garnet Prayer Beads – a sacred stone associated with the mastery of spirit. Garnet supports your ability to be powerful yet gentle in your interactions with others. A key stone for working with the base chakra. Red garnet transmutes negative to beneficial energy, balances the kundalini, attracts loving assistance for the wearer. It enables you to move courageously and swiftly and helps with self-esteem and bonding in love. Learn more at our dedicated website


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Garnet Prayer Beads

Our Garnet beads have the deep richness of beads handshaped – these are from India. India’s bead sizing is different from others, and some 6mm beads may be closer to 5mm or 7 mm; some 8mm may be closer to either 7mm or 8mm – it’s all done in “India time!”

Garnet Prayer Beads are known in various traditions as Garnet Malas, Garnet Rosaries, and Garnet Japa Beads. These are the Classic Count – 108 beads – used in most world traditions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and yoga. Peacefully USA handcrafted by Crystal Life’s own artisan energy workers.

These Garnet Malas are crafted of top quality gemstones and are handknotted between each bead, for suppleness of use when rotating in prayers. You can select from medium 6 mm beads or large 8 mm beads. Included is a small booklet describing how to use your prayer beads and a card about the healing qualities of the gemstone. Learn more, including some classic mantras, at our dedicated website >.


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