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Labradorite Enlightenment Bracelet


Our Labradorite Enlightenment Bracelet is highly mystical and a protective stone. Labradorite aligns the physical and etheric bodies. Wear this Labradorite Enlightenment Bracelet to stimulate your intuition and strength your faith in yourself. 

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Labradorite Enlightenment Bracelet

Made with 4 mm A Grade labradorite gemstone beads.

January 2018 Staff Favorite

Labradorite helps us dive into creative endeavors and helps guide us towards our life’s purposes. Labradorite is often referred to as “the magician stone”, this stone is perfect for bringing in the new year. How many rabbits do you want to pull out of your hat? How many new and exciting things do you want to do in the new year, do any seem daunting? Impossible even? Labradorite can help boost your courage and awaken your inner consciousness and guide you towards what makes you happy. ~ Kristen


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