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Crystal Grid | Third Eye Activation


This Third Eye Activation Grid cleanses and activates the third eye. This enables a clear link to one’s intuition and insight.


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Third Eye Activation Grid

Third Eye Activation Grid Recipe

Ametrine: 1 piece. Center. Opens the third eye activating the higher consciousness connection.

Iolite: 2 pieces. Left and right side of grid. Activates the third eye, opening the intuition and insight aspect.

Lapis Lazuli: 4 pieces. Outside the Top/Bottom. Stimulates the higher mind attuning the third eye to source.

Selenite: 4 pieces. Outer edges. Connects to the Akashic field and higher consciousness.

Celestite: 2 pieces. Top and bottom of grid. Opens on to the higher consciousness field.

This crystal grid was created by former Crystal Life employee Sarah Wolfe.

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