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Crystal Grid | Spiritual Guidance


This crystal grid for spiritual guidance creates an energy field that assists in communicating with your spirit guides and also helps you to accept that path that is before you.


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Crystal Grid | Spiritual Guidance

Selenite: 1 piece, center of grid. Opens crown and higher chakras, facilitating contact with guides. Enhances telepathy and detaches entities from the aura.

Sulfur Quartz: 2 pieces, to the right and left of the selenite. Softens rebellious tendencies that go against advice that is for your own good.

Serpentine: 2 pieces, to the right and left of the sulfur quartz. Stimulates crown chakra, retrieves wisdom, and opens psychic abilities to assist in understanding the spiritual foundation of life.

Seraphinite: 1 piece, below the selenite. Offers a highly spiritual vibration, opens the crown and higher chakras, creating access to the angelic realm.

Tektite: 1 piece above the selenite. Enhances communication with other dimensions and encourages spiritual growth.

Clear Quartz: 2 pieces to the right and left of the tektite.Enhances meditation, brings clarity, stabilizes the grid.

Garnet:2 pieces to the left and right of the seraphinite. Dissolves ingrained behaviors, allows you to make progress in connecting with your guides.

This grid was created by former Crystal Life staff member Victor van Slee.

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