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Crystal Grid | Kuan Yin


This Crystal Grid for Kuan Yin creates a feminine energy providing compassion, enlightenment, and protection. The grid is the heart of Kuan Yin, bringing love and healing into the space. These crystals awaken your heart and crown chakra allowing you to raise consciousness and access goddess wisdom.


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Kuan Yin Crystal Grid

Citrine: 6 pieces.

Celestite: 2 pieces.

Moonstone: 4 pieces.

Blue Topaz: 3 pieces

Rose Quartz: 1 piece/

Danburite:1 piece

Quartz Points: 6 pieces.

Kuan Yin Porcelain Pendant: 1 placed on top of rose quartz.

Rose Petal

See recipe image for placement of stones.

This grid was created by Crystal Life staff member Sarah Wolfe.

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