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Crystal Grid | Developing Your Intuition


This Crystal Grid for Developing Your Intuition will help you to trust and develop your psychic intuition.


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Developing Your Intuition Crystal Grid

Thank for your interest in our Developing Your Intuition Crystal Grid. Crystal Life has chosen to sell the pieces of this grid individually so all levels of grid enthusiasts (beginner to expert) can purchase the stones as needed and at their own budget. This grid does have a stone which is difficult to find in a tumbled form, Azurite. An azurite specimen can be used.

A grid sheet explaining what each stone brings to the grid, how many are necessary, and where to place them is available for free. You may download it from this page. If you would like the sheet to be sent with your purchase, please include the grid sheet listed here in your order. There is a nominal fee in order to cover postage and packaging. 

Grid Recipe

Azurite – guides psychic and intuitive development, enhances meditation, clears the Third Eye chakra, removes old programs that hinder your development.

Carnelian – clarifies and promotes trust in your perceptions, overcomes negative conditioning, enhances concentration.

Petrified Wood – assists in letting go of old beliefs that prevent trust in your intuition, accesses ancient knowledge, grounds information into the physical.

Rutilated Quartz – integrates new energies into your field, promotes spiritual growth, connects to the purest level of spiritual guidance.

Sodalite – unifies logic and intuition, enhances sensitivity to spiritual energy, calms the mind, stimulates the Third Eye chakra and Pineal gland.

This grid was created by Victor van Slee


Crystal meanings and spiritual healing lore are not a prescription, diagnosis or healthcare information. They are presented as spiritual supports to healing and other life issues. See a doctor licensed medical practitioner for all health issues. 

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