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Crystal Grid | Cycling Though The Moon’s Phases


The base of this moon grid is the Sri Yantra. It is a grid of creation and success. It represents the eventual, cosmically inevitable, balance of masculine/feminine energy. The three types of moonstone effectively cycle you through the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual stages of the moons phases, allowing for smooth transitioning. Peridot negates old patterns and vibrations, assisting with ones balance throughout the moons changes. The selenite, while activating the intution, will assist by calming the in and out flow of energies caused by the changing phases of the moon.


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Crystal Grid | Cycling Through the Moon’s Phases

Crystal Recipe

Black Moonstone: 1 piece. The shadow side of emotions. You can use a sphere, as shown in the photo, or a piece of black moonstone.

Cream Moonstone: 2 pieces. The changing emotional issues

White Moonstone: 2 pieces. The balance of emotions

Selenite: 4 pieces. Bringing harmony to the moons flow

Peridot: 4 pieces. Restoring inner balance

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