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Crystal Grid | Balancing Chaos


When you need to balance chaos in the workplace or at home, here is a soft and gentle yet firmly effective approach to the matter. This grid creates an environment in which cooperative behavior is easily attained.


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Balancing Chaos Crystal Grid

Aquamarine – 1 – brings fluidity and ease of communication

Apatite – 2 – connects the heart to the throat so your truth is easily spoken from the heart

Dragonblood – 2 – supports emotional maturity and mastery of life

Quartz – 4 – amplifies other energies and offers clarity to a situation

Metatron’s Cube base (mousepad size) – 1 – The sacred geometry form that contains all the building blocks of creation. Excellent for covering all situations!

Note: stones are very individual and may not look like the ones seen here. If you are purchasing to create this grid, our staff will select compatible stones that will work well together.

Created by former Crystal Life staff members Victor van Slee and Sarah Wolfe

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