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Crystal Grid | Bringing Peace to a Space


This grid is useful for bringing peace into a space.This grid brings a thorough and stable calming, peaceful energy to an environment. It incorporates a Sri Yantra geometric with soothing stones.


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Bringing Peace to a Space

The items required to create this grid, and the number needed, are:

Sri Yantra Base (mousepad size) – 1 – Called the highest yantra, it describes, in sacred geometry, the process by which every energy is eventually brought into balance.

Angelite Sphere – 1 – connects to the Angelic Realm to bring a profound calm

Selenite Rods – 4 – brings a high vibrational clearing and peace

Amazonite – 4 – relieves stress and soothes the energy

Blue Calcite – 4 – transmutes negative energy into amity

Clear Quartz – 4 – amplifies and energizes

Note: stones are very individual and may not look like the ones seen here. If you are purchasing to create this grid, our staff will select compatible stones that will work well together.

Created by former Crystal Life staff members Sarah Wolfe and Victor van Slee

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