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Cloth Coaster | White Peony


White Peony Cloth Coaster embodies romance, prosperity, and a happy marriage. It is the 12th wedding anniversary flower.

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White Peony Cloth Coaster

Our cloth coaster is 4” square. It has an absorbent front surface and a rubber back surface and is 1/8” thick. The image has been printed by Atala for Crystal Life. These coasters have been designed and individually printed by Atala and Crystal Life to serve as an attractive energy-enhancing element in your environment.

Peony Folklore & History

Peony roots were believed to be a talisman of protection. It was believed if you burned peony root while on a boat, the weather would remain calm. 

Some cultures believe that the peony was created by the goddess of the moon so it could reflect her radiance at night. 

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