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Celtic, Tibetan Knot Pendants – Triskelion, Trinity – 3 Points

These Celtic and Tibetan 3-pointed Knot Pendants are known as Triskelion pendants and Trinity Knots, They are shapes long present in both Celtic and Far East art. The triskelion means three-legged, and it represents the trinity energies of the universe, such as the Father, Son & Holy Ghost, and the Maiden, Mother & Crone.

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Beginning in ancient times, both the Celtic people and the traditions of the Far East (Hinduism & Buddhism) have used the continuous lines of their knot work to symbolize the inter-connection of all things, things without beginnings and ends, the continuing spiritual journey of life. The Trinity Knot, often found carved on Celtic crosses or in the beautifully decorated pages of illuminated manuscripts, represents eternal love and eternal energy.

In the Far East, the Triskelion signifies the eternal nature of the universe: creation, preservation and transformation leading to new creation. It is three-legged and is excellent for generating and maintaining positive energy.

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