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Black Obsidian Chip Necklace


Black Obsidian Chip Necklaces are protective and grounding. This necklace is made with tiny pieces of black obsidian. 

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Black Obsidian Chip Necklace

Black Obsidian is molten lava that cooled very quickly, it is sometimes referred to as volcanic glass. A stone without boundaries or limitations, it works extremely fast and with great power. Black obsidian is a creative stone, grounding the soul and spiritual forces to the physical plane while helping the individual to face their true self with honesty and clarity.

A protective, grounding stone, black obsidian provides support during change and is believed to help with the release of old loves. Black obsidian magnifies energies that are no longer working for the individual good so they can be released, bringing in healing. This effect can go back to past lives and also the ancestral and family line. Self – control is believed to increase with the use of this stone. Black obsidian addresses power issues on all levels, teaching that power is to be channeled for the good of all as opposed to using it for gain.

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