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Astrology Pendant | Taurus


Our Taurus Astrology Pendant is made of silver. This double-sided pendant has the Taurus bull on one side and the traditional symbol for Taurus on the other. 

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Taurus Astrology Pendant

The pendant is made of silver and has lapis lazuli and carnelian gemstones. 


Taurus Astrology Pendant

Taurus Astrology Pendant

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Venus. A fixed sign, their nickname is the bull.  Taurus people are known for being reliable, practical, devoted, responsible, and for being stubborn. If you know a Bull, you might have noticed they love clothes, cooking, and music.  They love to be surrounded by those who they adore and with beauty. Taurus has a strong connection to Earth. Through manifestation, Taurus people shape matter and create with matter in practical ways

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli helps Taureans speak their truth without over speaking. It also helps the shy or reserved Taurean find their voice. Taurean folklore states they have issues with the throat – lapis will help these folklore ailments.  


Taureans are related to earth energy. Carnelian is one of the earth’s power stones. It helps you to strongly connect with the earth so you can find inspiration to create and inspire. 

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