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“Thanks for producing the highest quality malas that I have experienced. Blessings in all that you do in the Light.” …HSAmethyst Prayer Beads Mala | Crystal Life

“Picked up the mala today. Wonderful. Fantastic. Excellent. Thank you. Need I say more?” Mik

“I just received my order – the orange agate 108 bead mala – and wanted to let you know how delighted I am with it. This is the first mala I’ve purchased, and I’m very pleased with the weight and construction. It is a thing of beauty, and I thank you for sending it to me!” …Margaret M

“The chakra mala’s ability to ground and balance the chakras is amazing. I have seen a lot of change lately. Especially a real urgency to focus on my practice, continuing education, etc. It has helped me to have confidence in the future because it has helped me focus on my now….

“I have a fellow bodyworker, shaman and Aquarian, who I showed the grounded chakra mala to. He went online to your site to purchase two malas. He is very impressed by the energy of his new mala…I would definitely recommend your products to anyone who wants to change and become the best they can be. Blessings on all that you do to help people with their spiritual growth through your energy tools.”  …HS

“Mala arrived today. It is Wonderful!! Thank you very much for your prompt attention and fine quality product.” …Karen G

“My order has arrived and the prayer beads are absolutely beautiful! My order was here in no time and I appreciate your promptness. I WILL be doing all my meditation purchasing with you in the future.” …Kathy

“I thought I would let you know how much I like the four 108 count malas I recently purchased. They are beautiful!”  …Greg P

“These malas and beads have a smooth and completely different feel than any I have ever held. Thanks so much. I am a convert. I am spreading the word.” …Char

“I have just bought a black onyx mala from you and another made of Botswana agate. Thanks for making such good-quality products.” SC

“The blue lace agate mala I had ordered from your store arrived today. It is simply stunning. Beautiful and soothing to the touch! This mala is now the most treasured one in my possession.” —Eugene W, Singapore

“I have enjoyed the necklaces and malas that I purchased while in Vermont this past July at the Annual Dowsers Conference. This is where I met Atala Toy…what a pleasure! Just wanted to thank you for making such wonderful products.” —Claudia A

“The (repaired) malas arrived today. They feel terrific. I am so excited to have them back and working again. I especially like that they feel so ‘clean’. Thank you for taking such good care of them!” —Sally W, Vermont

“The malas you make are so powerful that my girlfriend and I want to wear them at our wedding ceremony led by our spiritual teacher. On this occasion we would like to order two turquoise for ourselves and one for our teacher” —EM

“I just received my package with the rose quartz mala. It has brought me utter joy and I can’t thank you enough. I was so appreciative of the education literature as well. The guidance for the prayer beads was invaluable and just what I needed. Please give my thanks to those who created the mala. I wish all of you peace and as much happiness as your talents have brought to me.” —TS

“I received my newly restrung hematite mala and bracelet and I just want to say thanks!! The artisan who worked on my mala (large knotted!) especially gets tons of kudos from me; I don’t think it possible to get a hair between the knots and the beads!!” —ZI

“The mala is magnificently crafted and feels really good to wear…my Christmas present. Thanks for the excellent service, too.” .. Alan

“I bought a turquoise mala from you …I just wanted to write you and express my appreciation for what you are doing. Since my awakening, almost 12 years ago, I have acquired close to a dozen malas which I have employed in various mantra practices.  Most of these malas have been Lotus Seeds or various forms of crystal, with one being Mother of Pearl.

“At some point in my sitting practice I became imbued with a thought form concerning a turquoise mala.  I searched many metaphysical shops in my local area as well as farther north and much further south.  Nothing seemed appropriate.  When my wife and I came upon your booth at the Fair, I approached without high expectations because I was getting used to not finding an appropriate mala.  The moment I physically connected with this mala, my search was completed.

“Living with it for a couple of days, I’ve realized that all of the other malas that I have are primarily beads or seeds strung together.  This turquoise mala seems to be imbued with life and my finding it through you seems like I’ve been reunited with an old friend.  As I handle it, I am re-connected with images and feelings that have been coming to me for the past month or so.

“I just wanted to convey that the care and intention with which you and your co-horts manifest these malas is certainly appreciated and they do truly have an effect within the physical realm.

“Thank you so much for the dedication with which you perform these dharma activities.”  …TW

“Grounding has always been what I need…..I have noticed that if I’m grounded I can ‘bounce higher’….. the stones you have sent me (grounding chakra mala and the new one) keep me focused with roots coming out of my feet!  A great aid!” ..CA

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