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There is a power within each one of us that is life affirming. Without its presence, there is no life. This power is the power of breath. The body can continue for days without the nourishment of food. Many religious leaders have gone without food for forty days or more and have survived. But when the body is deprived of oxygen (the act of breathing), it ceases function, and life will cease to continue.the breath

In our modern society we do not think about breathing, after all it is an autonomic response. The body just does it, right? Why should we think about breathing?

Those who practice breath meditation upon inhalation they bring the breath down to the lower abdomen, and hold it there for a count, or pause, and then release it in exhalation. By this process they are engaging the torso from collarbone to navel in the breathing process. This process causes the diaphragm to expand and contract, successfully stimulating the body’s organs. The inhaled breath fills the lungs to capacity, goes into the bloodstream, and provides oxygen to the organs and other parts of the body.

We need today to focus on our breathing habit. We need to increase our intake of oxygen for increased nourishment of the bodily organs, and their functions. There are many, many medical aspects where breathing is impaired, and one needs to rely on their doctor’s advice and treatments above all else. As we are able we should begin a conscious breathing exercise which will assist the medical treatments. By doing so we strengthen the lung capacity, revitalize our overall intake of necessary oxygen, and reduce stress levels of all kinds.

Whether by meditation practice, or just conscious breathing, I encourage you to take that first breath. It has helped me greatly over the past month on many levels.

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