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Platonic Solids

Our entire world is made according to geometric values.  The circle, triangle, square and pentagram are all two-dimensional examples of geometric shapes. Many traditions use these basic shapes in their symbols, in the construction of buildings and tools.

The five platonic solids, which are shapes whose faces are all identical and even-sided polygons, are what I am going to focus on. 

The tetrahedron has four triangular sides and is linked to the element of fire. 

The hexahedron has 6 square sides and is linked to the element of earth. 

The octahedron has 8 triangular sides and it’s element is air. 

The dodecahedron contains 12 pentagonal sides and is linked to the the universe. 

Last but not least is the icosahedron which is a 20 triangular-sided three dimensional shape that stands for water. 

Our brain innately recognizes these forms at the subconscious level.  We tend to feel certain emotions when concentrating on particular shapes.  Because of this, sacred geometry can be considered a universal language that is more powerful than any written language.

The first experience I had working with platonic solids was when I picked up the dodecahedron (3D symbol for the universe) to meditate with it.  The minute I held it in my left hand, I felt the energy move through my left leg and warm it up.  Then my whole body was filled with warmth and tingling.  I realized I was also wearing a pendant that contained the image of the flower of life (a geometric form that contains within it the five platonic solids). I took that off to see if it would have a different effect.  It was different as the energy still moved through my leg, but not at the same intensity.  So I put the two together and felt the same intense tingling warm energy.

The five platonic solids can be worked within a variety of ways.  You can meditate with one: using the tetrahedron for transformation, the hexahedron for grounding or connecting to earth, the octahedron for focus, the icosahedron for working through emotions, or the dodecahedron for inspiration.  You can build a medicine wheel out of them using the dodecahedron as the center of the medicine wheel.  For the north use the hexahedron and for the south the tetrahedron.  Put the octahedron in the east and the icosahedron in the west.  I also found that sleeping with one at a time enhances the quality of the dreams.

All in all, sacred geometry is considered a universal language and the first step to working with it in its many forms is to take the time to find out how the different forms resonate with you.

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