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“I am wondering about the nature of using pendulums for divination. I know you showed me many types of pendulums, and I have worked with them frequently in the past. Does the type of pendulum matter in terms of the validity of the type of answer you might get when divining?”

teardrop pendulumsMichelle, who used to work for Crystal Life while on her way to a geology degree, emailed me this query. She continued:

“Of course there is a subjective nature to the future, but is the pendulum answering (yes, maybe, no) in terms of your individual understanding of what may or may not be in reality or do the answers come in terms of the universal truth, whatever holds true for all entities involved at that certain moment in time?

“I am just wondering how objective the answers are when using pendulums for divination purposes, and if they are lacking in objectivity in certain aspects if there are ways to change that (using certain pendulums, asking questions in a certain way, etc.). I have had a few friends ask me about this and I am not exactly sure what to tell them. Thank you so much for your time and help. Looking forward to hearing from you!”

I explained to Michelle that the answer to her “simple question” could fill an entire book. But here goes a short response.

There are two major schools of dowsing – known as the American/British method and the French/Egyptian method.

The American/British method is sometimes called mental dowsing, and it uses a pendulum – any kind – as a means to connect to the universal mind to retrieve information that exists somewhere in time/space, you just don’t know where.

Isis PendulumsThe French/Egyptian school draws on the principles of frequency and radiesthesia. In this modality, the shape of the pendulum connects to specific light fields of energy and the dowser might be seeking information from the field of light – or swinging the pendulum to connect to and seek to change the field of light.

At Crystal Life, we carry both types of pendulums.

Now if you are doing mental dowsing – you are seeking to access a specific area of universal knowledge, or the Akashic Records, to get an answer to a question. How you word the question is of paramount importance. For example, you could ask, “Is it raining outside” and the pendulum answers yes. But you can see that it is sunny, so you think the pendulum is not accurate. Alas, you did not specify where the pendulum was to check, so it could be dowsing the situation a hundred miles away where it is raining. So a beginner dowser needs to carefully write down the question they want answered, and study it for any errors in intent. The question in this case should have been “Is it raining outside the building I am in right now, at this specific time and location?”

You also, according to universal laws, cannot accurately dowse for information that it is not your right to know, or with the intent to cause harm to another with the information you acquire. Universal energy simply will not support your efforts.

You also cannot dowse when you are emotionally committed to a specific answer: when you want something to occur, you can mentally direct the pendulum to give you the answer you want to hear. Not what actually is, but what you want. If you need an answer to this,  you need to request a friend to dowse for you. So Michelle is correct in thinking that the level of your consciousness can affect your dowsing. For instance, if you were culturally raised to believe there was only one way to plant crops, as with chemicals, and you were committed to that methodology, even if you asked if your way was better than raising food organically, your pendulum answer would be skewed by your own very deep prejudice: you would first have to learn true detachment from the situation to get an accurate answer.

If you are working in the French/Egyptian method, and are looking to change the structure of an energy field, then you are using the pendulum to connect to a specific frequency, and to put that frequency back into balance.

Dowsing is a very sensitive method to acquire information. You need the ability to correctly ask the question, to remain neutral while receiving the answer, and the ability to accurately interpret the response. Like all crafts, the dowser improves over time and with practice. The dowser must have an interest or basic knowledge if they are going to request advanced information. For example, I could map dowse for someone seeking gold but because I myself have no interest in gold, and have never studied its frequency, I would not have as much success as a dowser who has made it their goal to understand all the nuances of this subject.

So. Dowsing is very, very specific, and it responds to your stated question, according to the type of consciousness in which you are dowsing. A newbie may affect the answer with their conscious or unconscious wish to get a specific result. Or, if dowsing for someone else, that person’s desire can affect the results. An experienced dowser has learned to be detached and objective in the process, and their results will be accurate.

For myself, I gradually shifted from using a pendulum to body dowsing to consciousness dowsing, and this is a procession some dowsers choose to make. I did this naturally because I was interested in locating the specific frequency of nature spirits and interdimensional life forms, in the field or in a consultation. I learned from dowsing how to access universal knowledge for the answer, and internalized the process so I no longer needed a pendulum, for my type of work. So through practice, I became skilled in my areas of interest, and am now able to simply focus on this topic – interdimensional communication – and locate the answer.

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