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Talk about hard to choose! Our Nature Spirit community is so talented that it is really tough to select only one winner. Last month, the challenge was to tell a story that went with the photo.

Paul Snow 1

Paul Snow – Stone Being 1

Our group posted so many wonderful photo captures and photos….finally, we decided that the winner overall goes to Paul Snow, for his very clear images of rock beings. His post of September 3 describes his walks in his local woods:

Paul Snow 3

Paul Snow – Stone Being 2

More rocks friends that I made today as I walked my pup out in the forest. I prayed to the spirit of the area to allow me to connect with those that wanted to-some of this area was clear cut awhile back and it took time before I noticed. Hesitant, I think. I suspect some of these old glacial erratics take on the energy and appearance of animals that roamed here during the ice age and before.

Rock beings are such incredibly old souls. We especially enjoyed seeing how they become so detailed and energetically alive when Paul stops to communicate with them. That is a very singular gift – to bring out such strong personalities in these stalwart beings. Paul has submitted a number of other images of these stone beings, and all are similarly detailed during his engagement with them…a real achievement!

Besides his recognition as the month’s winner, Paul receives a $50 gift certificate to crystal-life.com and gets his story and photos featured in a blog. 

You can see these and many more Nature Spirit photos and stories on our Facebook group – head on over and ask to join!

October’s challenge is to show us a photograph of a heart you have found in nature, and what significance it has for you. Same rules apply, and photos are posted in the Facebook group!

Other top challenge photos for September are the following:

Onna Donovan – a consistently wonderful poster of images she finds everywhere around her – quite a talent to have acquired, over what must have been lifetimes of nature connection! Re September’s challenge – we especially liked her posts of her outings with her grandchildren. It’s wonderful to see how Onna shares and encourages her grandchildren to commune with nature.  But the one shown here tells of a day she connected with a butterfly and the ancient crone energy…

onna donovan 1

Onna Donovan – Tree Hag

This wood mushroom presented itself to me. I understood her to be called “The Tree HAG”. She overlooks a large lake water front and boat dock, and faces North. When I questioned her “name”, a small brown butterfly landed on my right forearm and stayed there for about a half an hour, while I walked around the area taking more photos. Each time I looked down and saw the butterfly catching a long ride on my arm, it gave me many smiles. I felt very accepted by the many spirits….. and noticed many of the faces they presented had smiles too!

Monica Boada Larsson 1

Monica Boada Larsson – Apple Tree Spirit

Monica Boada Larsson’s post of September 15, where she describes her family’s visit with an old apple tree:

This is a part of a very old, but still very beautiful apple tree, standing in an abandoned garden. The house and the people who once lived there, are gone, only this and perhaps three or four more trees are still there. But I don’t know for how long, though, the plans for this area is to build new apartment houses.

Well…this tree has the most delicious apples, and we visit him every week, to pick some apples for the family, and sometimes I just go there by myself, just to be close to the tree and to nature, and to take some pictures.

When I get this strong feeling, or impulse, to take a picture of a special part of a tree, I just know it’s ok to take that picture and when I took this particular picture, the tree, the tree spirit wanted me to do so, for some reason.

We know that this old tree wants us to come to taste and eat his apples, it really makes him satisfied and happy, and we feel the very same. We are sharing the exactly same feelings, and we always show and send this tree our gratitude and our love, and he surely gives a lot back to us.

Sandra Matuschka’s post of September 19, where she describes taking her sister out for ice cream and photographs a venerable tree that has seen a lot of pruning but still survives.

S Matuschka 1

Sandra Matuschka – Tree Spirit

Funny story goes with these photos.

This past Monday I took my wheelchair-bound sister out for lunch, followed by a drive around Newport’s Ocean Drive, and concluded the day with some ice cream at the popular Frosty Freez, which has been there for 63 years. It stays open until Sept. 30. It is VERY popular, especially for children. Lots and lots of happy energy.

I parked under the shade of a tree I’d parked under before, but this time I suddenly noticed all the beings in it. The tree’s external limbs have been cut a few times over the years because of wire interference, but much of it remains. I have to guess it’s been there at least as long as Frosty’s. I grabbed my phone and took many photos, of which these are a few.

As I was about to leave, I stuck my head out the window and said thank you aloud to the tree. Oops, there was a woman in the car next to me that I hadn’t noticed! :-O She turned to look at me, and I said to her, “Oh, I guess you think I’m crazy talking to a tree.” But as it turns out she’d been photographing orbs and beings and had no one to share with! She was thrilled to find a kindred spirit. So I directed her to our group. Hope she remembers the name!

M Hemming 1

Maryanna Hemming – Maple Syrup Spirit

Maryanna Hemming’s post of September 28, where she shows a photograph of a spirit manifesting in maple syrup steam between two brothers.

This picture of my brother in law on the left and my husband on the right was taken in 2015. They are boiling maple syrup at the farm. I wrote in the comments that I saw a face in the steam.

A visit to a truly traditional Ottawa Valley Sugar Shack. My personal favourite syrup producers.

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