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My work as an interdimensional communicator often brings me into contact with locations where “bleed throughs” from another world are occurring. Usually I have been called in because the person can no longer dismiss as imagination the fact that they see ephemeral, non-solid  

Elfin Prince

Elfin Prince

figures in their home or in their bedroom as they move from sleep to awake, or that these life forms are seen by other members of their family as well.

I live in the western suburbs of Chicago, where prairie and open farmland meets city. The energy here is gentle, peaceful and cooperative. Because of my work, I am discovering that this in large part is due to the energies of the land itself. The nature spirits are very active. There are imprints of the energy of generations of peaceful Indian communities who lived along the rivers and lakes of this area. And there are increasing incidents of bleed throughs from what appears to be a highly evolved nature-oriented civilization that exists in what appears to a human as a more subtle frequency world than ours. The two worlds overlap and co-exist, largely unaware of each other except at what I call bleed through points.

I am always so pleased to be called for a land consultation and have it be the opportunity to make contact with this parallel world.* As I see this world, some of their buildings are very large and complex crystal light grids that sparkle brilliantly. Their inhabitants include the air, water and land beings in their subtle physical form. They have a complex hierarchical system, with palaces, cathedrals, a military and a commerce segment.

Why some of them travel into our world in humanoid form, and make contact with humans, appears to be based on their petitioning the owner of a piece of land to work with them to stabilize the common energies for the good of us all. There exist various energetic grid points and nodes where the two worlds are in close contact. It seems at these points our two worlds’ energies especially interact with and affect each other. I have on occasion either wandered into an area like this, or been called to it. It seems they know I understand their existence, so I suddenly receive a call from someone who was told about me from someone else and could I please come see what is going on at their land. Often it turns out to have actually originated from someone in the parallel reality getting this thoughtform to the contactee.

At the same time, in my work as a nature spirit photographer, I am discovering an interesting phenomena. The trees and rocks can see these

Court Gossips

beings and besides capturing in their multiple faces images of humans and animals, they capture images of these life forms. So as I have started cataloguing my many photographs of nature spirits, many of which were taken at the request of the tree or rock (e.g. “Photograph here” “But there’s nothing there” “Photograph anyway”) I am beginning to get solid evidence (of sorts) of the forms of other worlds. As my own track record grows, and I identify more clearly with the energies of these other worlds, the trust from their side grows as well and I am sometimes called to make my way through a forest to a special grandfather tree or rock who holds great information for our world.

These parallel realities exist everywhere and I am now being shown their images in trees and rocks wherever I go. They have requested I serve as a portal between the human and the nature spirit world, and so my work is shifting into this realm. You can see some of these images in my Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography Gallery on the Crystal Life Website.

Merchant Elf

Merchant Elf

One of my recent delights was being told to stop the car on my summer trip to New Hampshire, and go photograph what has always been since childhood one of my favorite trees, although I always enjoyed it from the road. I was astounded when I came close. It was an elf tree, and had captured in solid form in its bark many of the elf life forms I have seen and worked with etherically.  I am presenting a few of these images to you here, for you to see as well. The tree has captured very distinct personalities, here I am showing you an elfin prince (top image) and an elfin merchant (just below).

I am working with many partners in many worlds to present these images to humans, to demonstrate clearly that these other worlds are real. Besides the trees and devas, there is the spirit of my camera which attunes to my energy so that we can capture these images digitally; and the ability of new computer technologies to enlarge and sharpen sections of images so that details can be clearly seen.

I am writing this column from direct experience, not books of theory, and so am interested in our audience’s direct experiences as well.

*At this time, Atala is no longer doing land consultations. 

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