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Incense has been used for centuries to energetically clean spaces. The most common spaces to clean with incense are our homes or workspace. Shamans also use incense to cleanse our body’s aura. My favorite kind of incense is “Palo Santo” which is native to South America.  Palo Santo translated into english means holy stick or sacred stick. It is sold in multiple quantities in a length of about 3 inches. Palo Santo is frequently used to perform a regular cleanse as described above, but it can be used in many other unique ways.

Marcy Lebowitz, an occupational therapist in St. Charles, IL uses Palo Santo as a tool for her clients. Having helped youth in the autism spectrum for over 26 years,  Marcy is known for finding quick solutions to help the children as well as their adult caretakers and educators to relative calm and focus.  A whiff of the scent and aroma of Palo Santo along with exercises that involve the breath are the keys to her successful approach. It is an inexpensive and powerful tool.

Shaman Rodrigo Duque of Healing Arts in Batavia, IL uses Palo Santo in a couple of different ways. He makes “tea” with it and recommends soaking in a Palo Santo tea bath prior to a job interview or a court appearance.  He also recommends using it for any other stressful situations.  Bathing in it not only calms you and relaxes you but it also brings peace and clarity of mind and body.  The palo santo bath also cleanses the aura, making the bather a more likeable person gearing good energy in their favor.

To make the tea, simply place the stick in a small pot with enough water to cover the stick.  Boil the water and simmer for about 5 minutes.

He also recommends combining Palo Santo with a rose twig, without thorns, when someone is looking to enhance their love life. Use a natural twine, preferably red, to combine the sticks together. The scent of Palo Santo is pure, refreshing and soft. Palo Santo has a very pleasant feel to it and the scent cannot be confused or misinterpreted. The rose twig used for this enhancer must be a twig that has been collected in a respectful way.  What this means in the native american tradition is, you have to ask permission to the plant and make an offering of tobacco in exchange. Carry the combination with you in your purse, to attract or enhance your love life or place it in a special area of your home.

From the Feng Shui perspective, the marriage or relationship area of your bedroom is the best location for it. Palo Santo is a very versatile tool and can be purchased at Crystal Life. We hope you enjoy using it.


This article was previously posted in 2014. 

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