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Lady of the Cliff

Lady of the Cliff

There are our friends who are human – and our friends from other dimensions. Sometimes it’s hard to say who I am more comfortable with! Like all friends, my nature spirit friends constantly reveal new aspects to themselves. It’s all part of the fun of getting to know someone!

Several  years ago I connected with an elderly elf chieftain who lives in a cliff high in Rocky Mountain National Park and oversees a valley below. Last week, on my trip to the Denver Gem and Mineral Show, I took some time off to enjoy the golden aspen and dynamic rock formations of that area. I wanted to say hello to the elf, and take another photo of him.

What a surprise! On this visit, I was interested in the world around him…and found, facing him on the other side of the cliff opening – the other side of the story! There was a female spirit, looking out over the valley.

This photo just below shows the two cliff sides (that’s a spot of dust between them, caught in a sun flare. But wouldn’t it make a nice story to imagine it was a rose color orb of love being sent up to the lady from the elf chief!)

I must say, the lady looks rather aloof to the elf’s admiration, although she has a very sweet smile. She is staring out into the valley, while the elf is below her looking rather longingly at her!

Two Cliffs

Two Cliffs

Fairy Elder - this year

Fairy Elder – this year

Fairy Elder - Several years ago

Fairy Elder – Several years ago

So on the right is the original photo I took – available for several years on my website as a card – and a few of this past week’s images of that same area.



Lady and her pet

Lady and her pet









Unfortunately, that area was so steep, I wasn’t able to move around and get a better photo of her. But she does seem to have a familiar below her – a dog of some sort? Or an elderly matron? While the elf has, below him, a young man who looks like a captain of the guard!



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