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Evan's Notch

Evan’s Notch, Maine – a series of spirit-created murals extends across the horizon

One of our newer Nature Spirit group members contacted me off-line and asked how to connect to and get good photos of nature spirits. She can sense and feel them, but the photographs are not, to her taste, really clear.

Good question, so I wanted to respond for all our members to read.

Accept the reality that you can connect to other realms of existence

Taking that giant step from feeling to manifesting involves a lot of growth for most people. The first component is the mental/emotional one. We have been told for many generations that these life forms are only imagination, and if you say you can communicate with them – people will think you daft, imaginative, crazy, lying, etc…..Therefore, to be accepted, people learn to either not talk about what they see, or train themselves NOT to see these beings. If the person happens to have a close connection with nature, this effort to deny what they are actually experiencing can eventually really cause mental/emotional issues. These come from denying who you really are.

As world consciousness begins to elevate, due to the change of ages now occurring, the veils between frequencies/realms/worlds/dimensions are thinning. Many people can no longer deny to themselves that they can, indeed, communicate with and see life forms of other realms. Fortunately, the differences between people and their likes/dislikes/abilities are now being accepted as o.k.

Find a safe space to explore your abilities

One purpose of our group, and others like ours, is to offer a safe space for people who can see, feel, sense and/or know these other realities. Our group was created as a place where sensitives can explore your own gifts, appreciate the gifts of others of like mind, and hone your consciousness skills.

Another purpose is to provide a safe learning space where you can grow your skills. Part of this learning is having other folks either corroborate that they, too, see something or perhaps by their silence indicate the poster is off base, at which time it is up to the moderator (me) to privately message the individual and let them know what needs to be changed in their approach/viewing.

I am a savant, with the ability to see and communicate with nature. In all other ways, I am quite ordinary. But, with all the issues I have personally experienced and dealt with over the years, I hope to help others walk around the deep pits of illusion and social stigma to embrace the light of their inherent talents. I know a lot about the topic, but not all, and I am always learning myself.

To which end, here are some tips I believe our group members might find useful in this work.

  1. Admit to yourself that you can connect in some way with other worlds. Now you need to start developing your own methodologies to determine for yourself when your experiences are real, when they are illusions, and what it is you are meant to do about all this.
  2. Hone your ability to connect to these life forms, and to get them to pose for you. First you need to let them know your intent, and how it is of benefit to them to cooperate with you. You can’t pretend about this. Nature spirits can see past human subterfuge into our inner thoughts and spirit, and they will decide then whether or not to assist you on your quest. So by the time you go someplace, you need to have honed your own positive reasons for wanting to work with these life forms.
  3. When you get to a location you want to photograph, the first thing you may want to do is to salute the leader/deva/nature spirit/guardian/guide of that location. Explain what you want to achieve. Even if you can’t consciously recognize you are connecting – you are. They can hear. Then, according to your abilities, go where you feel you are being guided. When the message is to stop  because you have reached a place that wants your attention – stop! You then need to keep adjusting the frequency you are looking at so that you can see what it is they want photographed.

The next step is to get a good photo of your new acquaintance

To get a good photo of these life forms, you need a decent camera. Today’s cell phones and iPads are so powerful that a lot of people use these. But if you really, really want to explore this field, you need a decent digital camera with a decent adjustable lens that lets you pull back to see the whole tree/rock, and focus in to see the details.

Then you need a decent computer program that will allow you to lighten shadows, darken bright sunlight, sharpen the image. I prefer the Adobe Creative Suite, but there are other programs as well.

Once the physical components are in place – it is up to you to hone your personal skills.

The nature spirits and your camera itself are aware life forms that interact with you. Sometimes you will be told by spirit to take a photo of something and even if you can’t see anything – take it. The camera is not limited by human emotional/mental baggage and will often capture the image spirit is requesting you record. If you find this has occurred – once you see it (in camera or on computer), you would be wise to sit quietly and identify with the unique consciousness of that particular life form (e.g. greenman, wood elf, etc.). Then eventually you will be able to see that life form for yourself, without camera.

Energy workers know that all existence is aware, and at its core highly intelligent, because there is nothing in this universe that is not of the one same source. This source crafts and evolves itself into many forms. So cameras are also inherently aware life forms. If your intent is to photograph beings of other realms, you are unconsciously (or consciously) conveying that intent to the camera, and it will adapt itself to your intent and over time your photos of other worlds will get better. (Of course you have to be doing your own work to technically learn to use the camera.) You and your camera are partners in this adventure.

There are also limits on what you can photograph according to your own energetic evolution. For example: in my workshops, I might point out a bear in a tree, and a class member might then point out a wolf they see in another part of the tree, because they resonate with that energy. I have also photographed a scene where I focused on one element in a scene, and that came out very well. Then someone points out another aspect to the scene and if I go back and photograph the scene again – that element will be stronger.


Indian in headdress

Focus is on the Indian, with the eagle as a headdress and the other figures not energetically strong. The light also contributed to this – it was a dark overcast day.

Eagle Mural

Eagle Mural. Here is the second visit to the site – a bright sunny day helped bring forward the brown of the eagle’s breast and I was focused on capturing the entire scene in its multiplicity. It shows the eagle spirit that was this Native American warrior’s animal totem. Lower right is a domesticated cow who is “crushing” a goateed European. The message is the difference in relation with nature between the Native American and the European – inspiration and identification v domination of one species by the other.

Here is one such situation that occurred during my recent vacation in New Hampshire. I was out photographing with my son. We came upon a large 100 foot or so tall rock mural and he commented on the magnificent eagle. I looked at it and saw a magnificent Native American with an ornate headdress and so I focused on that part of the mural. That evening, when I processed the image, I saw the eagle more clearly, along with some other figures. I decided I needed to do the nature spirit art piece more detailed inspection and we went back so I could re-photograph the site. While the distinction is subtle, note the more even distribution of nature spirit focus in the second photo, along with a clearer definition of the other images that some being in the nature realm crafted on a grand scale.

The camera had captured the totality of the scene that I had not seen with my eyes. However, I was happier with the second image because, once I saw what the camera had recorded, I could go back, honor all parts of the story, and work to present the mural as a unified statement. Reworking and revisiting special sites is very significant in this type of photography.

Be selective in what you post

Lastly, I am requesting of our Nature Spirit community, which is steadily growing, that you show polite concern for others and do not post images of places where you can “feel” the presence of spirit but cannot “see” it in the photo. Please don’t ask others to tell you what they see because you can’t quite make it out. That leaves results open to imagination and to criticism that our group’s images are not “real.”

Sometimes a posting of non-visible spirit will speak to another member and they will appreciate the photo. But our objective in this group is to share very clear images of conscious life forms in nature, and “feelings” while valid do not meet that objective. Keep trying until  you yourself are satisfied you have a good, clear photograph. 

Spirit is everywhere, and wherever you choose to focus, you can experience it. What we want to do, in this group, is to show images so clear, so alive, that it would be very hard for anyone to deny the existence of our colleagues in other realms. 

To hone the validity of our group’s sharing, going forth I will be contacting people off-line and asking them to refrain from posting these types of images. I’ll be removing these images. I would prefer it if people did not take offense to my upholding of high standards for our group, but if a person wants to quit over such feedback, meant only to help them improve, then that is up to them. Their other option would be to rephotograph the scene, as I did above, and have the spirit show up so solidly that we would applaud their ability to coax spirit into our reality to sit for a proper portrait!

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