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Paul Snow – Rock Being

Hanneke Francois – Leaf Being

It pleases me so much to see how members of our Facebook group grow over time – their ability to call forth the energies they are photographing to get a good clear image, their own photographic skills. This work, and the growing number of people in our group and in other similar groups, shows the growth of human consciousness as a whole. We are at a time on earth when people are seeing, and openly acknowledging, that they have encountered intelligent life forms other than human ones. Our Facebook group is a place where you can explore in a closed and friendly setting, and when you are comfortable – share with your friends in the general world. Shown in this blog are a few images by some of our members who openly share their images, for you to get a taste of what we are about.

This is a very big universe and there are many, many things that we do not yet know or understand. The reality of many dimensions co-existing on our one earth is such a situation. Each world is its own merkaba (energy field) – a complex construct that has evolved over time into its own unique existence. Each has its own rules although, at least on earth among the realms I’ve encountered, there are commonalities. Love, compassion, caring for others, the will to evolve and stretch and grow, the need to endure stress and death, the value and necessity of community. Communication of some kind is always present and in each realm this manifests in its own unique way. Among the nature spirits – a realm close in consciousness to our human realm – there are many ways these beings become known.  For some of us, working the soil brings us into contact with plant beings and we can feel and communicate with the growing corn or the beautiful chrysanthemum flower. We may talk with them, as with a friend, and feel they are responding and growing better and stronger with our good vibes being sent to them.

Mary Sutherland – Tree Fountain

Some life forms communicate through images they carve into rocks and trees. There are many reasons why these images appear. Some are as follows.

There may be a group of mobile beings, such as the tall wood elves, the gnomes, the green people, who carve their images into the rock or tree to designate their home space – this is their area of responsibility. They may carve the image to serve as an energetic marker and place holder for their energy. They themselves may wander about, but they have anchored their energy and consciousness in a specific tree or rock and this consciousness holder alerts them instantly if something is occurring they need to attend to. 

Onna Donovan – Tree Spirit

The tree or rock has its own consciousness. This is a non-mobile consciousness that lives and dies with the physical form (the specific rock or tree). This life form has a long time to contemplate existence and in time may wish to express itself visually. Once it masters how to do so, it often will begin manifesting other images of energies that intrigue it or it wishes to work with. Over time, these images may overlap – it is a limited canvas the being is working with, and it can be very sophisticated, subtle and profound in the way it merges the different energies inside itself.

There are higher levels of beings, including the guardians of place, the devas, meta-terrestrials, and off-planet beings, who utilize aspects of nature to tell stories or to hold energy in place. These expressions are often complex, such as crop circles or the various intricate visual murals I have encountered. 

There are also multiple grids of energy – merkabas formed of geometric light fields – that encircle our earth. These are vast conscious life forms of another kind than our human consciousness but just as valid and remarkably sophisticated. They hold energy in place for the rest of earth to work with, such as lion energy, elephant energy, Mayan energy. At many places on each of these grids, there are nodal place holders and very often these will manifest the energy being worked with. This concept works on all levels, and for example the presence of Churches around the world, often on recognized nodal points, anchors Christianity for the earth as a whole.

So – join our community of earth explorers and start finding your own nature spirit life forms. They are everywhere – even in your own yard. 


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