Crystal Life’s new Nature Spirit Portrait Jewelry is super powerful for helping you energize your innate connection to the inner earth.

Nature Spirit pendantsI’m so pleased to be debuting this line of Products with Purpose® after what feels to me to be a very long period of research and crafting trial and error! My goal is to create jewelry of sophisticated simplicity. I am seeking to provide jewelry that is attractive, wearable – all the while being at its core an energy-rich tool for personal and earth transformation!

Shown here are portrait studies of a Greenman and an Elven Princess. These are real beings who I was graced by Nature to be allowed to photograph. These energy-rich images are now available for you to wear as pendants, in either 1″ x 2″ or 1″ x1″ framed sizes.

nature spirit earringsThe Nature Spirit Earrings I’ve crafted are very special because the set includes the male Greenman energy and the female Elven energy, facing each other. These dangling .5″ x 2″ earrings thus frame your head, crossing many of the major sensing organs of the body. This allows your body systems to autonomically imbibe the elevating energies of nature. These earrings are hand-signed by me, Atala Toy, via etchings on the back side.

This new series brings together the various forces of nature, to enhance and smooth your energy – and to connect you to an ancient and noble realm of inner earth beings. If you want to deepen your connection to the grounding, stabilizing energies that underpin our human realm…here’s a powerful and joyful way to do so!

The Greenmen are the philosophers, teachers and warriors of the nature realm; they are tall and fine-featured and like to cooperate with humans to help the two realms work together. The elven elite are smaller than the Greenmen, but tall compared to others in their nature realm. These type of elves are fine-featured, highly intelligent and sophisticated life forms who command great respect and admiration from others in their world. The Elven Princess is representative of her people and a fine connection point for those seeking to work in harmony with nature.

Nature Spirit productsFor this new line of jewelry, I used sublimation printing techniques. The photographic portraits have been printed at my workshop using lustrous gel inks on a special clay-impregnated paper. I affixed the resulting image to a white-coated metallic substrate that I then subjected to 400 degree heat. This process transforms the ink into a gas that merges into the substrate and solidifies into a lustrous permanent image. The portraits are then embedded in a silver-colored metal pendant frame; or are handcrafted into earrings. The details of the photos – and hence the nature spirit energy – are outstanding in their detail. 

My limited-series line of jewelry is available only through Crystal Life. It is my latest addition to the core earth-energy products that is our specialty. These Products with Purpose® are attractive tools for your transformation of your home, office and person. These Products with Purpose® include mugs, cards, wall hangings, coasters, key chains and more. The images are ones core to nature or to the rarefied realms of light forms called sacred geometry.

Crystal Life believes we humans are growing in our awareness of community. This process is a struggle on all levels, from human society to care of our earth to interactions with life forms of many dimensions. Some forces are fighting against this inevitable state of harmonic consciousness. But such violence only results in further strengthening the resolve of those seeking enlightened community!

Surrounding ourselves with positive vibrations protects us and empowers us for this necessary transformative work. When we consciously pursue personal growth, we are at the same time contributing to the elevating of earth consciousness and frequency. 

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