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Some favorite occurrences at the store:

angel wing pendant1. I’m walking out our side alley door and I hear a group of people approaching our front door. One of them is eagerly telling the others: “This is my favorite store! I just love it here! Wait til you see it!”

2. A small boy or girl spots the hard candy bowl we keep by the register and “casually” drifts over to study the available choices. “Can I have one, Mom, can I?” the little one pleads. When Mom says yes but just one, they look like they just received a great treasure and spend a considerable time deciding which one they want most. Today a young boy took a long time deciding, popped his choice in his mouth and the family left. A few minutes later, looking very, very distressed, he came back. “My candy fell out of my mouth,” he said, lower lip trembling. We told him to take another one and he was so overwhelmed by the treasures before him that he couldn’t decide. So Tammy VS very gently helped him sort out his options, he selected one, opened it there and very carefully put it in his mouth!

3. A customer comes in and brings a friend. The customer says to one of the staff, “You helped me so much when I was in before that I brought my friend: he/she really needs some help with …..”

4. A customer comes in, goes over and sits in our “husband chair” (for men waiting while their wives shop). The customer just sits. We see them slowly relax. Finally they get up and tell us: “It was a rough day today, and your store is so always so peaceful, so I just came by to get some peace!”

Thank you for these nice experiences!

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