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It’s time to start planning our outdoors living! Here are some natural energy tips for enhancing your land.

1. Talk to all the life forms in your yard. Everything in your yard is made of consciousness; it is aware and responds to basic universal energies such as love, and requests to contain one’s energy or to leave an area. So walk around your yard now and REALLY look at its energy. Talk to the insects, birds, plants and trees – send them loving energy. Request harmful energies to please realign, contain or remove themselves. Trees and plants love to know they are appreciated, and will grow better when you send them loving thoughts. An old dowsing tip: if you have invaders such as carpenter ants, select a part of the yard they can live in. Then connect to their energy and let them know they must move there within a week, because you need to spray/protect the house area; they now have the free will to move or suffer the consequences.

2. Introduce items that will enrich the natural energy of your yard. The simplest? Bury a piece of quartz near a plant or area of your yard that needs to be re-balanced. Before you do – program it – that is the great gift of quartz, it can be programmed to hold an energy or thought. So place the thought in the crystal that it will restore to balance and optimize the energy of this area of the yard. Other helpful stones , applying homeopathic protocols of like assisting like, are moss agate (in areas where you want to gentle down the energy) and tree agate (where trees need a bit of a boost).

3The Light-Life copper rings are powerful sacred geometry tools for providing very healthy, balanced energy to seedlings. The rings are specially constructed even though they look simple and generate a standing wave of healthy balanced energy inside the circle. You can also place them around an ailing plant – just drop it over the plant, it should rest on top of the earth.

4. The hardest case scenarios do well with a Light-Life Environmental Harmonizer. If you have powerlines nearby, cell phone towers, a lot of local traffic, plants that need energizing on a large piece of property or a farm – this is the very best tool for you to invest in!

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