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The kindness and soothing energies of nature are so important to all of us right now. Do stop by my atalatoy.com art gallery and stay awhile with one or more of the welcoming, brave, gentle, enduring Nature Spirits whose portraits reside there. Here are three of the five most visited photographs to date. I am delighted that visitors are being attracted to the gentleness of these particular nature spirits.

Central Park Gentleman Collage


Central Park Gentleman. This handsome fellow lives in a London Plane Tree on the Upper East Side area of Central Park. This is a side and a front view. He is certainly holding in place the centered, refined maybe just a bit arrogant energy of that well-to-do area of Manhattan!











Aslan.  The noble lion of Narnia is on guard, along the shores of the Olympic National Forest, Forks, Washington. Who says death is the end? He is vibrantly alive in a tree root of one of the many storm-felled trees that line some of the dramatic beaches of the Pacific Coastline.

Corn Maiden









Corn Maiden. She lives serenely in a Japanese pine tree in a Japanese Garden. She has the inquisitive energy of youth, eyes looking up into sky spirit, questioning all that she sees…Notice her ear buns – is this a Native American Corn Maiden, a Japanese Maiden – or perhaps Princess Leia? Fabyan Preserve, Geneva, IL.

Do come visit with one of the many nature spirits whose portraits you’ll find at atalatoy.com. The visit is soothing to the soul!

And keep coming back…my “job” this year is to post and blog once a day about a nature spirit colleague with whom I visited…

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