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Originating from the oneness of Source, every being on earth is a reflection of one another. The illusion of separation and duality allows for people to experience an abundance of magnificent life lessons. Some of the most beneficial and trying experiences can be those spent looking into a mirror.

Mirror PeopleRecall a period that you may have been disappointed in yourself for one reason or another. For instance, maybe there was a time when you hurt a close friend only because you were in a bad mood. We all know how hard it can be to face our own reflection during such times. It can be a daunting task to achieve. Now apply this concept to social interaction. If someone reminds you of a characteristic in yourself that you like, how are you going to act towards them? Typically these two people would “hit it off” and form a wonderful rapport based on their commonalities. So what happens if it is a characteristic that you are not particularly fond of? What would you anticipate your feelings to be towards them? Critical? Impatient? We quickly realize that it is far more simple to be upset with someone rather than to take a moment and face our issues.

Take into account the people who upset you on any level. Since it may be easier to see, perhaps focus on the people who are able to push you to your wits’ end. Forget about any emotion involved, because emotions are irrelevant at this time. Analyze the situation. What is it that the person says or does that upsets you? What quality is it in them? Now speculate whether or not other people have upset you for the same or a similar reason.

In my life, I have found it rather difficult to get along with a friend. His inability to accept my interest in the metaphysical has left me frustrated and angry, even discouraged at times. Recently I had an epiphany. What bothers me is not the fact that he will not accept the metaphysical, that would be an unreasonable expectation, but rather it is his inability to accept and respect my ideology. Once I was able to realize that this was the underlying issue, I was able to identify this quality in myself. In the past, I have had a low tolerance for people who did not think the way that I did. I could not understand why I became so easily frustrated with people who would not understand me. Since this realization, I have found peace in these situations. Now, when I feel frustrated in conversation, I am able to recognize that the feeling is my issue, my intolerance.

When someone or something bothers us, it is our intolerance that causes friction. In the case of conflict, rather than pointing a finger at another person, remember to take partial ownership. Realize that others are reflections of yourself and you are a reflection of them. Consider what they say or do may not be received the way that they intended it to be. Often, when interpreting the words and actions of our peers, we confine ourselves to a comfortable box of perception. We sometimes only allow ourselves to see through our own eyes, through our own perspective. There is a need to step outside of our ego and see what the situation is, and all possible ways it can be interpreted.

We as humans have a tendency to hide from our flaws. Some find it unbearable to admit that they are imperfect. Let me fill you in on a little secret. If you were perfect, you would not be on earth reading this blog. We are here to learn how to perfect ourselves. We did not come to this place to live perfectly. We are here to educate ourselves. So relax, be patient with yourself, and love yourself for the beautiful person that you truly are. Most importantly, remember that everyone in your life is a part of you. They are not just a part of your life, but a part of your soul. If you track back far enough on the family tree, it all leads to Source.

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