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When many people think of the Medicine Wheel, they automatically think Native American Medicine Wheel. However, all cultures have a similar concept, whether it is called a wheel (many cultures had no concept of the wheel), a circle, or a ring of power. It may be called Stone Henge, or some other name.

This configuration is identified as a place of power. The term “Medicine” is defined as power, not power over something, but as in a place containing natural and/or primal earth energies. The Medicine Wheel, then, is a place where, through prayer, ritual, and ceremony, you can connect with these energies for guidance, direction, and strength. This process brings you into relationship with nature.

The magician works with these circles by casting them around him/herself or around objects for protection or other intents. These circles may then be used to have relationships with the energies or to have power over them in some way. The person using the wheel/circle determines how they are used.

Let us look at your energy field. It may be defined as a circle, oval, or egg shaped field around you. Most commonly it will be discussed as concentric circles which surround the physical body. Each circle is related to the chakra points, and will pull in those specific energies necessary for the functioning of the physical body. It is necessary for each one of us to maintain this medicine wheel which surrounds us. This maintenance requires that we have an understanding of it.

You need to understand the chakra system and how it operates. The cleaning, clearing, and repairing of your chakras enables you to connect with the inside world (your inner physical body, and the nourishment of it for health and balance). This would also necessitate the checking of the outer circles of your auric field. You are looking at it’s color. Is it bright or dingy? Are there rips or openings in it? Is it damaged in any way? What do you need to do to repair it? Not everyone can see the aura or the chakras to determine their health, and that is where certain tools come into play.

A friend had a Medicine Wheel on her property, and after a time certain things began to happen. Trees began to die, and blocked or stagnant energies began to accumulate in certain areas around the wheel. An examination of the wheel showed that it was in disrepair. Stones as well as spokes were out of alignment. The wheel was dysfunctional, and needed repair. Your energy field is the same way. It may fall into disrepair if neglected.

Here is a reminder of some tools that can assist you in clearing your energy:

If you already know how to use a pendulum, you can use it to check the chakras and other areas of the body. You can also use color and sound to clear and align your energy. You can also use stones, surrounding the affected area with your intent and with the stone’s energetic properties and color. This will imprint the correct vibration into the area, clearing and repairing it. The sound aspect comes with toning the musical note associated with each chakra. You can also use tingshas, chimes, various sound instruments, and related CD’s, for the purpose of clearing and aligning the affected areas.

Here is a list of stones that help maintain the chakras and the aura:

Malachite – clears and activates the chakras

Amber – aligns the chakras

Kyanite – clears and aligns the chakras

Apatite – balances

Calcite – cleanses

Herkimer Diamond – clears

Ametrine – cleanses and clears

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