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History shows March has had five birthstones. For a long time, the color green was associated with March and it’s birthstones, but in the 20th century that changed when Aquamarine was made the modern birthstone. Here is a history of the March birthstones. 

Aquamarine Prayer Bead Malas

Aquamarine Prayer Bead Malas


This modern birthstone for March is a soothing and calming stone. Aquamarine encourages service to others, helps you to overcome fears when public speaking, and promotes responsibility for your actions. It was once carried by sailors as a talisman to protect against drowning. 


 The traditional birthstone for March, bloodstone was the modern birthstone until it was replaced by aquamarine in 1952. Bloodstone has long been a deeply respected and essential stone because of its vitality, strength, courage, and passionate metaphysical qualities. Worn daily, bloodstone can help you to know when to disengage from or when to confront lives challenges. Bloodstone is also an ancient birthstone in many countries, including Rome, Poland, and the ancient Hindus.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper has long been known for steady, stabilizing energy, and protective properties. Also considered a traditional birthstone for the month of March, red jasper helps to relieve stress, encourages control in all areas, and stimulates passion in your work. 


 The ancient Tibetan birthstone for March, jade is a stone of serenity and wisdom. Said to bless anyone who carries jade, it is also known as a dream stone, as a talisman of protection, and a stone of fertility. 

Gold Shiva Linga 

 The ancient Hindu birthstone for March, this flesh-colored jasper has veins of brown. A highly sacred stone in Hinduism, it is never actually cut to be made into jewelry. 

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