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Spend some time projecting far into the future, when the next age – remember, the Golden Age of Spirituality that is supposed to be dawning! – is actually underway.

Then track back, and look at all of our contemporary dramas, crises, wars, natural disasters. Detach yourself from the emotions of the current situation and recognize it as a world experience that is presenting itself for resolution.

We need to become so sick and tired of these conflicts that as a world culture we find ways to resolve the situations peacefully.

In a world of excess, personal power grabbing, abuse of nature – what is actually occurring now? Are people finally rising up and saying enough….no more policies of pollution…no more letting dictators dominate our lives…no more pretending I can’t see the abuses going on around me.

Each one of us is part of the solution. To proactively resolve these issues for the world, we need to solve them for our society, our personal world – and our selves. Peace comes from within, and sometimes that means standing up for what is truly right, in a proactive way.

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