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The death of a loved one is a major tragedy. It can take years to learn to properly cope with the loss but in the beginning, life can be quite the blur. This Loving Light crystal grid was created to provide stability, love, and support for those who are dealing with the loss, and also provides energy for those who they are mourning. This grid can be placed over an image of one individual or an entire group of people who are dealing with this life-altering change. 

Loving Light Crystal GridGrid Recipe

Mangano Calcite Sphere

This is the keystone of the grid. Spheres spread energy evenly and smoothly. Mangano calcite is a very nurturing stone. It brings in gentle forgiveness and unconditional love, as well as acceptance. It gently softens the heart and encourages you to find compassion,  to release fears, grief, and resentments. This stone is especially helpful to those who have suffered emotional trauma. 

Purple Opal

While this beautiful stone appears purple, it is often called blue opal. An emotional smoother, this opal clears energy which is no longer helping you or is holding you back. This stone resonates with your throat chakra, enhancing communication, especially suppressed. Blue opal helps you to move forward. 

Muscovite Needles

These tiny yellow gold stones bring in stabilizing energy. This stone is particularly effective in stabilizing “earthquakes” both literally and figuratively. Muscovite needles help you to deal with the earthquake rocking your life. 

Blue Kyanite Scalples Loving Light Crystal Grid Recipe

Blue kyanite clears your pathways and chakras. It encourages you to speak your highest truth, to cut through fears, illusions, and blockages. This blue beauty is tranquilizing, yet it stimulates your natural intuition. Blue kyanite can help reveal what is necessary to balance out the past. 


Epidote is an excellent stone for grids, as it enhances the intention of the grid. This stone will increase whatever your focus is, so keep your thoughts high. A very grounding stone, epidote helps everyone involved to transition to their new life. 

Popcorn Pyrite

Also known as fool’s gold, pyrite is a stone of strength, radiance, and protection. Pyrite helps you to remember your courage, your strength, to shine your inner truth. Purifying and transmuting, pyrite provides encouragement when you are feeling unmotivated. 

Pink Tourmaline

Also known as rubellite, pink tourmaline is a stone of love. It harmonizes the heart and mind and brings in emotional balance. Calming, pink tourmaline disperses emotional pain and old destructive feelings. Promoting peace and relaxation, pink tourmaline helps you to accept unconditional love and induces profound healing. 


Ancient legend says selenite is crystalized divine light trying to make its way home to Source. Selenite brings your conscious understanding of what is occurring at the subconscious level. 

Many thanks to Debbi Evans -Rosales for asking us to create this grid during our Crystals 101 Workshop. 

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