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Nature and the universe work in a lateral manner in which all groups that will be affected by a major action are consulted so that their needs are met or their sacrifices agreed upon as necessary. Humans are still working to master this concept.Tree of Life

This is a structure that must be based in respect of different life forms for each other. I learned about lateral structures first from the 3Ms (Metatron, Melchizedek and Michael) and then from nature spirits. So I learned both cosmically and from Earth herself. “Lateral” is not an easy structure to maintain, for as life forms separate to perform their individual functions within the group, some have leadership positions and some have action positions. Leaders can forget that they have been chosen to represent their group, as a sign of faith in their organizational capacities. They begin to feel entitled – and then the slide into abuse begins.

We see this today in our human societies around the world. What started out as a way to maximize the situation for all within every current world societal structure has deteriorated into oppression of the many by the few. No matter how that society attempted to address the situation of organizing to meet basic needs, they needed to address the two polarities within any social structure – hierarchical and lateral.

Some societies attempted to set up by the ancient concept of the priest king in which a leader was supposed to embody the spirit of all the people, and was assigned the duty of ensuring equity for all. That worked when the leader was both high and humble, but in almost all cases that structure disintegrated over time and a lack of worthy successors into our current world situation of abuse by corrupt or inept leaders who feel “entitled” to do whatever they personally wish without considering the masses they were originally meant to represent.

America in its founding attempted to solve this issue, with three branches to its government – executive, legislative and judicial. Within each branch there were checks and balances. This system relies heavily on the good will and ethical standards of those involved, and a wish to find a way to work together. When greed and personal priorities, and the unwillingness to share or listen to others, overtakes the ideal – we have the sad situation we are facing in America today.

Today in America and throughout the world, the leadership by those chosen as first among equals, to carry out organizational functions, has pendulumed to the extreme of abuse. No matter what the social system. Leaders have forgotten that they perform a function for all the other sections of a social structure, and their abuses are so many that around the world, in all governmental structures, the masses of the people are rising up in protest. Their leaders are failing them.

The problem with the way this is occurring is that it is still within a polarity framework – we don’t want these leaders, we will set up new leaders – and the process begins anew, soon to also break down in abuse.

The cosmos and nature have solved this issue in their realms – but after all they’ve been around a lot longer than we humans. They manage to maintain a necessary hierarchical structure but one based on inherent respect for each segment as of equal importance to the well-being of all. That is because nature and the cosmos respect the inherent oneness of all – everything is an expression of the same one ultimate source who is experiencing its own manifestation in many ways. Therefore, all life is an expression of needs that must be heard, understood and managed so that the energy of the whole flows smoothly. This can only occur, long term, when all are respected and consulted, agreement commonly reached and resulting action undertaken and protected.

The Native American medicine wheel, or hoop, depicts this type of action – each direction has its own energies, all must work together. In some classic Native American traditions, when a major decision was to be made, all segments of their society joined in circle and were listened to – leader, warrior, mother, crone – and then the decision was commonly reached. Each segment of the group was then responsible to carry out their area’s duties, for the benefit of the whole. So while the enactment of the decision is hierarchical in the sense that some parts of the wheel must organize, others must maintain order and still other parts must do the manual work – the decision making process and the need for all to do their assigned parts is lateral.

Each segment must agree and must do their part. If they do not – if they slip in their responsibilities – then that trend must be stopped immediately and order restored. There is lateral agreement that this is necessary to maintain the good of the whole.

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