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During the holiday season, it is always heart warming to see the customers come in to pick out the “perfect” gift for their friend or family member.  Many people want something to help another through a tough time or something to bring more inner peace.  

One of the biggest joys of the season is to give.  One way to “give” inner joy or help is to give a tool to help the individual cultivate those things within themselves.  Crystals are one of many natural helper “tools”.

A couple stones to help with a tough time are red jasper or mookite jasper.  Jasper helps remind people to be kind to themselves and to each other.  It helps bring up energy levels so that one has the energy to work through their issues.  Mookite Jasper helps develop a positive attitude towards new experiences occurring in your life and imparts a deep calm to help one through them.


Inner peace for one’s self and for others is top priority on the gift list.  Amazonite is a stone that helps promote inner peace amongst outer chaos.  Angelite helps to assist in calming and peace.  Blue lace agate helps bring in peace of mind and helps to neutralize anger.

Although each individual is responsible for getting in touch with their own inner peace and for taking action to get through the tough times, it is a natural response to want to help others through it all.  As a friend or family member we can always offer them the tools to help them on their journey to peace and well being.  Crystals, labyrinths, books, and words of encouragement are  just some of the many tools for self-empowerment.

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