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Lapis Lazuli Necklace - 6 mm beads“Thank you so much for the excellent customer service. You have one happy customer… I will definitely recommend your business to friends and family and of course you have my continued business. Again thank you for going above and beyond!” …Tisha D

“I just had to take time out to tell you I received the rose quartz necklace. I absolutely love it!!! I will order another — no doubt — in the very near future……Thank you very very much.” …Nia

“I received my bloodstone  power bracelet today and wanted to write you to express my  appreciation to Victor and all the members of your organization for an amazingly beautiful and already functional piece of wearable art that will allow me to focus my meditations.  I began a meditation session upon removing it from the box, and felt the stones warming to my touch – a very powerful experience.” – Mark L

“I just received my necklace and I had to take time out to thank you. It’s absolutely beautiful. I put it on and noticed a change in my aura immediately.  I appreciate your kindness and your prompt attention to all of my questions.” …A

“I finally got in to Crystal Life to pick up my bracelets. Thank you so very much for taking such good care of me. They are perfect! I am looking forward to wearing them and reconnecting with their energy. A very nice girl took care of me in the store today.  She was great and I forgot her name.  I was pulled in many directions and was just having difficulty getting centered;  she was extremely helpful. Thank you again!” …Paula H

“I just had to stop everything and write this note to you. The delivery person just dropped off my new garnet and sodalite bracelets. They are amazing. The energy radiating off of both is so healing….Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. They are beautiful.” …Anita

“The beads arrived yesterday and they are perfect! Thanks to you, and your handcrafter, for creating exactly what I imagined.” …Sasha

“I wanted to take another moment to thank you for the 18” blue lace agate necklace I received on Friday. I did call as soon as I received it because it has extraordinary beauty. Since I’ve been wearing it, I feel a peace and intuition I have been searching for.

“I recently relocated back to New York from Nevada. I have endured many changes and disappointments since my arrival…all necessary learning experiences. I consider myself a spiritual and intuitive person….my grandfather was a Lakota Indian and I have inherited many of his traits and talents. This necklace is truly a powerful gift. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. It is truly lovely.” …Anita

“I had called before coming to the store and spoke to Tammy. When I arrived we met and she helped me with my purchases. She was so wonderful! The Power Bracelet is great and she answered all my questions about it. You have a customer for life because of Tammy and I will refer all I know who are interested in your type of product line to your store. thank you, Tammy, again.” Seller Fi – Sgt Mac USMC – 5 stars for quality, price and value.

“I received the Carnelian Necklace. It’s BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much. I haven’t really taken it off since I unwrapped it and I love the gentle energy.” —CL

“Your post earrings are simply great…designed so that the stone touches the skin. I love my amethyst and howlite pairs, and plan to purchase a few more from you soon.” —GA, Texas

“I’ve been really enjoying the necklaces I have ordered from you. I worked in an open clinic with the public yesterday for the first time and you guessed it, I wore one of the chakra necklaces for grounding purposes while doing healing work. It really DOES assist me in keeping my feet on the ground.” —C

“I was completely thrilled by the bracelet you sent me. It has the same excellent quality of my mala. I thank you and your artisans for the exquisite work/products that you put forth; your hard work is greatly appreciated!!” —GC, NY

“I am delighted with my order. I had the anklet on as soon as I got the package open. The bracelet is for my sister’s birthday and I am sure she will be as thrilled as I am with your products.” —Kathy

“Haven’t crossed your path in a while but I did think of you today and was grateful to you for enlightening me in several ways. I came across a woman selling jewelry who had some interesting stones. I asked her if the stones ever spoke to her. Her answer was basically no and I wanted to tell her about how they do, but it didn’t feel right. Anyway, just sending you gratitude for the lovely work you do!” …H

“A customer tried this at a show and we were amazed at the different energies generated. Take a large flower of life of gold or silver. Place inside that a smaller flower of life of the opposite metal. Now hold them and generate energy through the combination. We felt a protective sensation: the one protecting the other. We then tried some experiments. We placed the two back to back and felt gentle fields projecting each way. We placed the two face to face and felt the energy close down externally and resonate between each other.

“The customer had a device made to combat emf frequencies. By itself it was somewhat laser-like in energy: directed intent. When the flower of life was placed on its back side, it broadened and softened the energy field, like a protective balloon. There is definitely a lot of experimenting one can do in combining the flower with other energy tools and devices.”…VP

From the S.E.A.T. Newsletter (Society for Enlightenment and Transformation, a club of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council): “Take a new look at Energy! Crystal Life was founded in 1996 by Atala Toy, a former member of the Executive Committee of the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation. Over several years, Atala became increasingly ill due to environmental and electromagnetic pollution. She helped herself to return to health by wearing various combinations of stones and natural materials. She founded Crystal life in order to share her discoveries with others. She and her friends handcraft in a peaceful consciousness and a portion of all company proceeds are donated to international activities for peace.”

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