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January Birthstones

January is a month associated with new beginnings, New Year, new life, and resolutions. It has been constant in one gemstone for the birthstone for millennia, Garnet. Still, there are others that have been used in the past and that have been used in specific areas of the world as birthstones. Here are January birthstones, both current and ancient. 

Garnet Chip Necklace

Garnet Chip Necklace



This deep rich stone has been the birthstone for January since the 15th century.  It is currently the modern birthstone for January. It was also the birthstone for this month during the time of the ancient Romans.

Garnet is a stone of passion, protection, deep emotion, and strength, there was once a time when garnet was exchanged between dear friends to express their affections for one another. 


Red Zircon

Ancient Italian calendars mark red zircon as the birthstone for January. Red zircon helps with peace of mind and was believed to help with prosperity.


 The stone of successful love is the ancient Tibetan birthstone for January. A good stone that helps promote loyalty, compassion, and domestic bliss, emerald opens the heart chakra and clams the emotions. 

Serpent Stone

The ancient Hindu birthstone for January, there isn’t much known about what this stone is. Could it be serpentine, black stone, or even have the name snake stone? 


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