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January is a month associated with new beginnings. The coming of the New Year brings about new life and resolutions for many. This month has seen various birthstones throughout the years and the world, though one remains an absolute constant. Curious? See below for January’s birthstones!

Garnet Chip Necklace

Garnet Chip Necklace


Garnet is the one consistent birthstone of January, dating back to the 15th century and all the way up through today. Its rich, red coloration has been treasured by for centuries, being commonly used for jewelry and decoration. Moreover, Garnet is a stone of passion, protection, deep emotion, and strength.  Folklore states that this gemstone was often exchanged between friends as a token of affection and gratitude.

Red Zircon

Ancient Italian calendars mark red zircon as the birthstone for January. This beautiful red stone is thought to soothe the mind and bring about prosperity in one’s endeavors.


The stone of successful love is also the ancient Tibetan birthstone for January. Emerald promotes loyalty, compassion, and domestic bliss by opening and calming the heart chakra.

Serpent Stone

This strange stone is the ancient Hindu birthstone for January. Serpent stone (or snake stone) is shrouded in mystery, with experts debating its origin and folk properties to this day. It may even be a fossil of some kind!

Care & Other Information

All gemstones are unique. Color and appearance variations are to be expected.

Bathe in full moonlight regularly to energize crystals. Cleanse regularly by placing on a piece of selenite or by moving through the smoke of sage. Remove your jewelry daily, allowing it to rest.

Crystal Life’s staff and local artisan crafters are energy practitioners of various disciplines. We work with hand-selected, top quality gemstones and materials. Our original designs are based on our knowledge of ancient and contemporary energy modalities.  

Crystal Life is renowned for its peaceful energy, which comes from our commitment to work in respectful cooperation with all life forms, including product, staff, and our in-store and online customers.  

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Disclaimer: Crystal meanings and spiritual healing lore are not a prescription, diagnosis or healthcare information. They are presented as spiritual supports to healing and other life issues. See a doctor or licensed medical practitioner for all health issues.

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