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Jade is an excellent stone for restoring your soul’s purity, nurturing your current incarnation on Earth. A symbol of serenity and peaceful love, it has been associated with the wisdom and tranquility of the universe. This crystal helps to increase harmony, attract friendships, and bring good luck. Use it to promote self sufficiency and simplify complex tasks.

Jade is known as a dream stone. Place a piece of it on your forehead to have insightful dreams. Jade encourages you to recognize yourself as a spiritual being, awakening hidden knowledge and a sense of your true self.

When life is chaotic, place a piece of this stone over your solar plexus chakra for a few minutes. This will help to stabilize your emotions and your psyche, which will help you to live harmoniously on Mother Earth. 

Historical Folklore

The Aztecs prized jade as a way to connect to their gods. It was also used for healing.

In ancient times, jade was believed to be a stone of weather magic. It was believed one could control the elements and call the weather using this stone.

During the Middle Ages, this crystal was believed to help women going through childbirth by providing peaceful, calming energy.

Chinese folklore states that jade can transfer its virtues into your body. 


Most jade is either nephrite or jadeite, which are two different types of crystals. Because of this, stones referred to as Jade have been found in a variety of colors worldwide.

Chakra Association

Jade is associated with the soma, third eye, solar plexus, and heart chakras.


You can place this crystal in full moon moonlight to energize. It can also be moved through sage smoke or incense, placed in rice, or buried in the earth overnight.

Astrological Association

Jade is associated with Cancer and Libra.

Health Folklore

It is believed that Jade can help clear the kidneys of toxins, as well as promote fertility.


Crystal Life’s staff and local artisan crafters are energy practitioners of various disciplines. We work with hand-selected, top quality gemstones and materials. Our original designs are based on our knowledge of ancient and contemporary energy modalities.  

Crystal Life is renowned for its peaceful energy, which comes from our commitment to work in respectful cooperation with all life forms, including product, staff, and our in-store and online customers.  

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Disclaimer: Crystal meanings and spiritual healing lore are not a prescription, diagnosis or healthcare information. They are presented as spiritual supports to healing and other life issues. See a doctor or licensed medical practitioner for all health issues.

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