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I work with the merkabah. It is a self-contained light-form – a multi-dimensional star-tetrahedron. The merkabah is a vehicle of light that can transport you to anywhere in the universe you wish to go, to the extent that you have mastered consciousness to make your travel a reality. The merkabah can look like a crystalline ball of light strands.

I did not always know how to do this type of travel through time and space, between past lives, present and future. As I was learning, I expressed my experiences in this poem. I was re-reading my poetry the other day, and wanted to share this one with you. Perhaps it might resonate with someone here and there….



 The Crystalline Merkabah

Sitting here inside this crystal light form
I look around at all sides
And see a thousand facets—
Each a room into a different time-space

I step in where the energy permits
And look around.
All time, space, worlds and dimensions
Exist right here and now,
Precisely where I am sitting.

Inside this faceted globe—
This circle of reality—
The brothers and sisters of my life
Come visit me.

We reassure each other that
All is as it is meant to be,
In our separate lives
That fit together,
Joined by the consciousness-glue
Of who we are in totality—

The expression of source that descended,
Promising at each step
To fulfill its own self-willed mandate:
To become the full manifestation
Of its own reality existence.

I step into one room—
Look, a shaman in gray wolf’s fur
I know its full life’s story.

I enter another room—
And sport and play as
Strands of light in a universe of
Huge geomantic forms.

And yet another, where I am a light dancer
In an ancient crystalline world
That dares hope it will master consciousness
And harness it for human use.

Some doors are windows yet, to
My searching gaze.
They give me glimpses of
Moorish spires and Cathedral towers
But will not let me in.

Other doors do not open at all.
They are vibrational secrets
I have not yet sought out
To know.

One day all doors will open,
And I will walk and explore at will
In this universe that I sit in the middle of,
That surrounds me with its love and light.

It offers only what I am able to explore—
Yet it teases, always, with
How much more there is
To share and know.
For it tells me:

All are one.
All are the source of their own world.
All are a part of the all.
The All is all that exists,
And I am a part of its own
Unending story.

…Atala Toy

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