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If you’re reading this, chances are very high that you know that having expanded capabilities is very much a reality or you’ve had some experiences in your life or that of a loved one, that have made you curious and thirsting for more information.

You may be asking, indigo, crystal, rainbow? What does this all mean and where do I fit in?  These are simply very broad generalizations of the new consciousness that has been emerging for decades, and been working to help our consciousness for centuries.

Anyone of the new consciousness will not look different than any one else. If you’ve read that indigo’s or crystal’s all have amazing blue eyes, think on how absolutely limiting that would be if it were true! Entire cultures would be eliminated from this evolution, and that simply isn’t what is occurring.

Who are the indigos?

Throughout history there have been individuals who have existed to bring about change in the way we think, to break outdated behaviors and to set examples, providing a new path for the rest of mankind to follow. Some of these people are famous, most are not, but they were brought here to set the stage for the future of our planet, for the new generation of consciousness that is trying to break all of the world free from the limited ways of thinking, loving and existing that we have shouldered and endured for millennia.

Indigos have been coming to the earth longer than many have recognized, perceived and acknowledged.  Think on those from the 20th century who set about great change for society- to allow more freedoms for all, and you’ll see examples of indigos.  The civil rights movement was liberally littered with indigos, the Kennedy family and their call for our countrymen to rise up and help their fellow man and the world through the Peace Corp and other venues; those are ideas of indigos.  Indigos are visionaries of change, soldiers for doing the right thing, sensitive souls who want to create a better world for all.  Slightly fiery, sensitive to the greater good for all, and above all, believe in fairness, compassion, justice and balance for every soul on our planet.

The early indigos are brave souls known as indigo scouts. Indigo scouts were like a scout in a Native American tribe; their job here was to assess if the earth was ready for the flood of indigos, and to make the appropriate steps to make positive changes, and standards in their corner of the world.  An indigo scout could have been a highly influential teacher in your past, a leader of a scout troop, perhaps a local politician setting the stage for the rest of country to follow by making changes that would have been seen as risks, and revolutionary.  Indigo scouts have been assisting our planet and it’s consciousness for centuries.

The term “indigo” came  from the prominence of that color within the auric field.  Do not be fooled by those who wish to state that a child of any new consciousness has specific physical characteristics.  These souls come from every background, every religion, every skin color.  They are also charming, shy, quick witted and introspective-they are every possibility there is, and this is how it should be.  Many of the new consciousness may have an appearance that is similar to their heritage-their soul heritage. Some may remind you of a mermaid, others a tree, while some do have traits that seem to be that of an imp or a leprechaun while others are undefinable due to their other worldness. These souls are here in every possible shape and form for their role is meant to impact every part of our world.

Many articles and books that are available will tell you that each new wave of consciousness has certain characteristics, and this is simply NOT true. This old way of defining and pigeon holing individuals is exactly what the new consciousness is here to do away with. These souls are here to stop the stereotyping, the labeling and to help every one rise to a level that comes from the heart, from love, not power and hierarchy.

The indigo children are now adults, and in some circumstances, the early arrivals have retired and are still making positive contributions to their fellow earth friends. Many don’t know they are indigos, they just know they don’t quite fit into society, that they can never conform. Others have struggled desperately with the lack of love that exists on our earth plane, and have had lives that are brave,  reacting outwardly in desperation to wake us all from our sleep and bad habits, the inability of the world to love unconditionally.  Indigos have courageously brought our awareness to many issues in society that were stifling, smothering and very close-minded, and often at the expense of their lives, their joy and happiness.

Indigos were never meant to conform, indigos are all about bringing about change- changing the old laws and rules that are outdated, creating a more open society in mind and in heart. The wave of indigos from the near end of the 20th century are now over 30 and are helping to raise the next generation of souls that they were brought here to pave the way for, crystals.

© 2011 Tracy Paddy Seccombe
©2011 Crystal Life Technology, Inc

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