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Lichen Heart, Estes Park, Colorado

Nature sent me this heart when I had to say good-bye to my rock friends in Estes Park, Colorado. I knew it would be a long time before we got together again and we were parting with love…

Sometimes Nature knocks us on the head with the message “Hello! I love you!”

Many people have had the experience of this – the occasions run from feeling sad and needing reassurance to feeling really good and in love with all of life. Sometimes nature responds and our eyes fall upon a nature-created heart that is pulsating with the special energy of “I love you!”


I was walking along the shore of Lake Michigan, and feeling rather sad that, living now in the Midwest, I no longer could walk the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean as I had all my life. The nature spirits were cheering me up, and when I looked down…I saw they had presented me with their heart’s love!


This heart rests at the base of a tree in Fabyan Park, Geneva. I’d been focused on communing with the greenman whose image was in the trunk far above. A friend came by and as I greeted her, our attention was jointly attracted to this beautiful heart, near the roots of the tree…

heart of rock

This heart lies at the center of the Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Children love to play on it!

The lady of the forest has a heart-shaped face as she lovingly births forth a baby bird! Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL

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