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It’s no secret that as a species we have developed new skills, abilities, and appearances over time and through necessity Having better health practices and better diets has allowed us to develop as a species, but what about those aspects that are more instinctual? While we’ve marveled at the abilities of our bodies, we’ve pretty much ignored what we are capable of when we go within. However, the children of the new consciousness are the next wave of instinctual evolution on our planet. Why are we moving in this direction

New ConsciousnessYou may find varying ideas on this topic, depending on what resources you are using.  One is that Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows are here to do the work of angels here on earth because we have forgotten how to hear them and follow their advice. According to this theory, Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows have come as Earth Angels in order to carry the messages of the Divine. It is true that there are Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows who feel such a strong affinity with the order of the angels that they feel wings on their back and some even have large wings tattoo’d the entire length and width of their back. But this isn’t the story of every Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow.

Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows are souls from every part of the universe and every realm of earth. Working with the high powers of the universe, they have come together in order to help raise the human vibration by moving us from a society based on power and money (third chakra) to a world based on love and from the heart (fourth chakra). This is ushering a time of Divine Feminine energy. This will allow more balance and love in our world, which is very power and money centered. 

Because of the universal desire, effort, and the need to raise this planet to the chakra level we were always intended to work from, these souls have been born in physical form with different appearances, specialties, traits and life goals – all of which work together to help create the final goal of helping the human species.

There are some really, shall we say, interesting things published as traits of Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows that honesty just are cringe worthy. People who are revolutionaries and bring about change are often misunderstood, so let’s touch on some of these things that have been circulated that don’t ring true with the universe.


Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows come in every shape, religion, color, and culture in our world. You may find books that state that Crystals have amazing blue eyes, or that Rainbows have strawberry blonde hair, etc. – please realize for the goals these souls have undertaken on to help our species, these limited thought processes are simply not true. In order to help raise the human vibration, these individuals have been born everywhere on our planet, therefore it is illogical that their human genetics would be limited to certain sectors of our species.


Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows are often confident, but they are not arrogant. They do not lord themselves over others, nor do they expect to be treated in a manner that is above anyone else. These youth innately know that we are all created equally and no soul is more special than another. An example of this occurring in society is the “millennial” talk that is demeaning and non-supportive. Because this generation of souls is so firm in what they know to be true, it is threatening to older generations who have lost their way and to those who don’t wish for our species to evolve to the next level. 

Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows also have a strong sense of right and wrong, and feel compelled to correct anything they have witnessed or heard about so that ethically the light is always helped. Doing what is right and just is never arrogant.

Many people with expanded perceptions do have a strong sense of boundaries and have a need to enforce this so that they stay healthy in mind, body and spirit. This is becoming especially noticeable in Rainbow children. Asking another to respect boundaries is never a bad thing, and should be honored in everyone and definitely is not arrogance.

I haven’t met an Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow who wasn’t full of humility and working through life just as everyone else is – the best that they can. Does this mean that there aren’t Indigos, Crystals or Rainbows who are arrogant? I’m sure there are, but truly to state that the entire population of these individuals is arrogant isn’t probable, nor is it logical.

“Indigos are Angry”

As an Indigo, when I first came across this comment, I stopped and thought, “Oh really?” and then proceeded to have a good laugh. I personally have not encountered “angry Indigos,” and if there are some that are, well please let us send them all the love and positivity that we can in order for them to heal and more forward in their lives, releasing said anger and become more healthy as they do.

The early Indigos came into our world with a very big task at hand, to break down old ideas and modes of thinking in our world. This is a very difficult task for anyone, but then multiply the ability to feel, hear and sense in a world that is very short on love and very big on power and accomplishment, and it easy to see how some Indigos have exhausted themselves, being a tad jaded, become frustrated at the resistance to change and perhaps even broken by our world’s inability to love. Instead of being judged, these individuals deserve our compassion, and thanks for the tasks they have embraced to improve our world.

Anti – Social

Because of the strong sense and need to hold their boundaries, some may perceive Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows as anti-social. While some Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows are very gregarious and vivacious, there are others who only show that aspect of their personality to those who have proven their trust, love and friendship. In reality, this is a safety mechanism that will help them as they grow and become adults.

Through our work with Blue Papaya, we found that a number of the youth with expanded perceptions are bullied in school. While these youth may be finding their way to our group because we are suited to help them, it does not mean all Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows are bullied. However, it does mean that there is a sector of this group whose extreme sensitivities are evident to others who would prey on them, so their boundaries are even higher than the norm.


Just as it is numerically impossible for all of the Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows to have blue eyes, or a certain type of hair color, it is impossible for each of them to be charismatic. Everyone of these souls is unique and an individual, therefore their personalities are diverse. Perhaps those who have assumed they are charismatic have only met charismatic Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows, and therefore this is what they know of this group with expanded perceptions. Just as our Blue Papaya group has a large percentage of youth who are extremely aware of bullying amongst their peers and themselves, we can not be foolhardy to assume that all Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows are bullied.

These individuals are drawn to where they need to be at that time, for the universe is working through all of us to help those who are willing to find the help and information they need at this time on their life path. We are blessed to know each of them, and have them touch on our lives.

When reading or searching for information on this diverse group of individuals, remember to use your own gut/vibes/intuition as to what feels right and what feels slightly or greatly off. This journey is different for everyone, and make certain to find your own truth as you travel on this path.

© 2013 Tracy Paddy   © 2013 Crystal Life


 For those with further interest in the complexities of our universe, I would suggest The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek. Available in two volumes, these books explore the sacred geometry of the universe, and discuss the human species’ initial intentions and goals and the efforts to bring us back to where our humanity was meant to be.


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