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HarmonizersTools that can balance the extraordinary array of energies – natural and artificial – now permeating our lives are increasingly important. One way you can protect yourself and your family is by introducing strongly balancing subtle energy tools. Crystal Life specializes in these types of tools – from nature’s own stones to sacred geometry. How do such tools work? Here’s our explanation…

How do energy tools help me?

The substance of which all existence is composed is one but our understanding of it varies. It has been called consciousness, energy, frequency, resonance, love, peace, God, source, the void, sound and color.

As energy manifests itself, it emphasizes different properties so that it can achieve specific results. Energy tools have been designed by various technicians to achieve a very specific result in a specific field. Some tools have broad applications, others are very precise as to their function. Crystal Life Technology has both broadbase and specific tools.

Why are such tools needed?

Our culture today is being exposed to more artificial frequencies and chemicals than ever before in the history of earth. These technologies superimpose themselves over the natural life forms that formerly lived uninterrupted in these frequencies. For example: many computers operate at the human energy field hertz and cell phones at the brain’s hertz. Therefore, when you are in close proximity to technology, as most of us are, your own field may not be able to get the energy it needs to function well, especially when your bio-rhythms are low. Besides this, earth’s frequency is herself adapting to the new energies now coming in from the cosmos and this is very difficult, at times, for us to adjust to.

How do I select a tool?

Your own intuition is the best guide. We have also provided very clear information for each product on our website, crystal-life.com, and suggest you browse through there. There is a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product once it arrives.

Contact Crystal Life Technology if you have a further question about our products. You can email us at inquiries@crystal-life.com and reach us by phone (630) 208 6001 during normal store hours – our current hours are listed on our website Contact page.

How do I use the tools?

Different disciplines use the same tools in slightly different ways. For example: massage therapists and acupuncturists like to put the Slim Spurling Light Life® rings under their tables especially the 3 1/2 cubit size; it helps their clients to relax and open up their energy flow. Aromatherapists like the Light Life ½ cubit ring  — they can place their products inside the ring to clarify and restrengthen an essence that has traveled or been stored with other frequencies. Yogis like to wear the Chakra Jewelry to help themselves align their energies while those with immune system issues like the same products to sustain and strengthen their energy.

How do I know the tools are working?

Our products clear and balance fields. You cannot wear them too long because clear and balanced is just that.

Some people notice a positive change in their energy as soon as they get near or pick up one of the Crystal Life Technology subtle energy products. Others may not feel anything but over the weeks they notice that their energy is gradually improving.

After using any of these products for some time, you probably will not get the same “charge” as that first rush. This is usually because the tools have been successful in their work and your energy field has gotten stronger and more stable.

If you notice that you need these energy products but something makes you want to stay away from them, we suggest you contact an energy worker for a session. It has been our experience that only two types of people cannot tolerate these products. The first are those now so sensitive or allergic that they need to work exclusively at the light body level; and those who those who have a negative entity attached to their energy field.

Sometimes, after several months of wearing a product, people feel they no longer need to use the item and take it off. We are very grateful if through our products and your other disciplines (medical, food and lifestyle changes) your energy field is now strong and healthy. Sometimes, though, you may be still in the situation that caused the original problem (such as working at a computer station you cannot reconfigure). In this case, you may after several days or weeks notice you are slipping back into the old health issues; simply put the product back on.

We recommend you eventually switch between products, such as our energy jewelry, healing crystals, Slim Spurling, etc. It is a good policy to stimulate your personal energy field with different ways of clearing. A third dimensional tool can affect part of a larger more subtle field of energy but not all of it.

Dynamic Chakra Energy BraceletThe products of Crystal Life Technology have been tested in a variety of ways. Their capacities are charted best using “narrow net” diagnostic techniques. These tests are capable of perceiving subtle levels of energy. Effectiveness has been shown via vegetests, all of the subtle energy computerized technology now coming on the market such as the QXCI, GDV and aura cameras; via Kirlean photography and even by placing on some photocopiers. They have been proven effective via various methods of kinesiology including muscle testing, biofeedback tests such as EEG and GSR, dowsing, use tests and animal tests.

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