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Each February I attend the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. It’s the largest gem show in the world, and it’s where I discover and bring back many of the unusual specimens you can find at Crystal Life. Each trip I usually take a day off to photograph some area phenomena, this being a major rock area. Here are some well-detailed stone beings I photographed at nearby Mt. Lemmon.

Old ProspectorMillions of years of erosion – along with the conscious intent of nature spirits – have placed along the side of Mt. Lemmon a large number of extraordinary stone beings known as HooDoos. A local historian explained the name came from white folk – early pioneers who, when they saw these rocks emerging from the mist, thought they looked like magical beings. The name refers to the use of energies in HooDoo, a form of combined magic that came to prominence in the 1800s, bringing together African American, Native American and European pagan traditions.




20120203-_DSC0495-1The Mt. Lemmon HooDoos are, to an interdimensional communicator, very much alive and similar to other communities of stone beings I have encountered on my travels. These rock communities have their own internal community structures, which are remarkably similar to those that have evolved in human society.


Seated HooDoo

Among the energies here are groups of elders – rather stern or majestic beings who usually have near them what they term their “familiars” – life forms who protect or attend them. Other personalities include the lovers, the arguers, the happy go lucky somewhat dumb beings, the warriors and the ordinary “middle class.”

When looked at from within their frequency range – e.g. you have to take the time to adjust your human sight to their rock frequency – most of these beings have very recognizable features, including at least one eye (the other may be missing, indicating they are messengers, part in the physical and part in spirit), a nose, a mouth and a very discernible, distinct personality.

The HooDoos on Mt. Lemmon have a number of beings very similar to stone people I have communed with in other locales, such as the Southern Illinois Garden of the Gods, the HooDoos of Bryce Canyon, Utah and the HooDoos of the Chiricahua Mountains in Arizona. I find this interesting, as it indicates a commonality of energy that pervades the stone world, no matter where these beings live. Just like a commonality among humans no matter when they live.

The Three Wise Men and Their Camel - Card

These Mt. Lemmon stone beings are ancient, having been birthed by volcanic eruptions spanning 35 – 25 million years ago. They exist in communities named “sky islands” -environments that rise up out of the desert floor, covered first with  grasslands and at higher elevations with evergreen trees. Geologists state these rocks are volcanic ash which fused into welded Rhyolite tuff, with subsequent erosion creating the tall spires and columns. This is different from the Bryce Canyon HooDoos, who are limestone based.

An interdimensional communicator would say that over 35 million years the consciousness of the rock formations gradually evolved into distinct personalities, capable of communicating with each other and with us. If you need to learn patience and endurance, and how to weather the storms of your life, sitting with such ancient beings can be very helpful!

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