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For those who use a pendulum, here is a meditation exercise for the heart chakra.

Using the yes/no response and the May I, Can I, Should I questions, connect with your personal frequency. If you do not get or feel a response do this: Very clearly say your name three times (Ex. Gary-Gaaaary-Gaary). How do you feel? Did you feel a change of vibration within you? This is who you are and connects to your personal frequency. Some one with the same name will experience it differently.

Now ask your pendulum (a brass one would be excellent, preferably a Mer-Isis), or what ever you are using, to connect in with this frequency. Ask questions like:

1. Is this my personal frequency?

2. Is it a higher frequency than 6 month ago, 2 months ago?

3. Do I need to focus on raising it higher?

A “yes” to any of these will give evidence of the concept that everything is increasing upward. If, however, the answer is no, then you should spend some time getting to know your personal frequency. Practice connecting to it, and increasing it even higher. You will find that you are more centered and have more clarity in decision making with this process.

The Mer-Isis is an excellent pendulum to connect with your frequency in order to raise it and seal it (have it last for a period of time).

A breathing meditation is also an excellent way to connect and increase your personal frequency.

Here is a short, full heart chakra meditation that will help you as well.

Breathe deeply three times and exhale

1. Visualize your Heart Chakra in front of you. Spin it until it is a bright and shiny transparent green.

2. Move into it. Feel yourself relaxing as you move deeper into it’s center.

3. Up ahead of you, you see a pin dot; move toward it. Relax even more, as it increases in size, you see that it is a pink sun with solar flares.

4. Move into it. Allow the Solar Flares to envelope you (there is no heat, only deep relaxing peace).

5. As you enter into the core, you see a meadow and a pathway. Walk down the pathway as it slowly rises up on a  mountain. At the top of the mountain, there are thirteen steps. Climb them, each one more relaxing than the last.

6. At the top you see a Crystal Temple. Go to it. Find the doorway and enter. Observe the room and how it is decorated.

7. Go to the next doorway. Do the same thing. Keep doing this, going from room to room. You notice that each room leads into an upward spiral until you reach the last room.

8. When you open it up, you will notice that it is a room filled with light. You can only see the light. This is your true connection to Source.

9. See a chair just inside. Sit in it and allow it to take you to the center of the room (it may take a while).

10. Now breathe and experience this place. Ask that your frequency be increased. Feel it. Know it.

11. Come out of this room and travel back until you exit the Heart Chakra. Feel your increased frequency. Know that you can reconnect anytime.


teardrop pendulumsThis brass teardrop pendulum is an excellent neutral device to use for this exercise. There are a wide variety of pendulums on the Crystal Life website.

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